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This is a long list of my tutorials and reviews about Trisquel operating system on this website I acknowledge Trisquel Forum's All Manuals long list as my inspiration of this very list. This list includes installation guide, bootable making, applications recommendation, printing and scanning, writing Arabic and Latin texts, software development, and so on. I hope you can find articles you want about Trisquel from this list. Enjoy!

(Trisquel operating system in action)
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  • Install Guide
  • Apps
  • User Guide
  • Reviews
  • Programming
  • Trisquel Descendants and Alike
  • Troubleshooting
  • Miscellaneous

# Install Guide

Download Links for 8.0 Flidas
Simply right-click and Save Link As to get Trisquel operating system version 8.0 that is still supported until 2023.

Making Bootable Media
In order to install an operating system, you must make it bootable first. This is how to do it cheap and easily.

How to install
Step by step to install Trisquel to your computer.

What to do after installing
Recommended apps and several tweakings post-installation.

(Welcome to Trisquel installation screen)

# Applications

Compare Apps between Trisquel and Microsoft Windows
Know most popular apps available such as GIMP, Inkscape, and LibreOffice and more.

Make your life easier with portable apps just double-click to run similar to .EXE or .DMG. Fortunately, many popular apps are now already available in AppImage format.

# User Guide

(The desktop at a glance)

Part 1
Knowing the applications, icons, user interface, where to access files, folders and disk partitions; and control panel.

Part 2
Accessing the internet and how to solve problems when your wifi device is not detected. This part includes short guides to use Abrowser, Icedove Mail Client, Transmission BitTorrent, Pidgin Instant Messaging, and Liferea RSS. It also includes where to purchase 100% freedom-compatible wifi devices.

Part 3
Knowing the filesystem. This including file manager use, filesystem table, working with them, important folders & limitations you should know, permission and ownership, administrator mode, partitions and external storages, and also show hidden files.

Part 4
Be productive. Create calendar schedules, make documents, and edit some pictures,

Part 5
Obtaining more applications by searching and installing in Synaptic Package Manager.

Printing and Scanning
How to print and scan document with Canon Pixma MP160 freedom-compatible printer on Trisquel. If you are looking for a printer for your GNU/Linux computer, I recommend you to purchase an MP160 either it is new or secondhand.

Change Desktop Language
If you prefer screen language other than English.

Software Association
If you want to change this file to be opened with that application.

Calendar on Email Client
Add nice calendar feature into Icedove with Lightning addon.

Enigmail Encryption on Email Client
Encryption made easy on email thanks to Enigmail GPG addon.

This is the default Firefox-based browser on Trisquel and this is how to upgrade it.

Icecat Browser
Install Icecat browser.

Iridium Browser
Install security and privacy focused Chromium-based browser. 

Examining Folders' Size
To see which folders eat up most disk spaces.

Good Download Manager
Persepolis is a good replacement to IDM.

Writing Arabic Text
Typing Arabic and easily interchange with Latin input.

Watching YouTube
Invidious is a new way that is convenient to watch YouTube in browser without YouTube.

Converting Video to Audio
If you want to convert between video and audio formats such as MP4 and MP3.

Software Package Search Engine is a brilliant search engine to find packages and versions across Trisquel repositories.

Formatting Hard Disk Drive or USB Flash
Reformat disks easily with GNOME Disk Utility.

# Review

Trisquel 8.0
My overview of Trisquel Flidas. Read this first if you wish to see all around things about it.

Successful Freedom 2018
My opinion that Trisquel 8 is the only one user friendly but still freedom distro that is better than few similar distros in 2018 hence I said "successful".

Trisquel 9.0 Etiona Beta Version
Latest Trisquel edition coming planned in 2020.

# Programming

Setup Qt SDK
Prepare your Trisquel to be environment for creating GUI desktop applications similar to Visual Basic but with C++ language and libraries called Qt plus very big community worldwide.

Setup C++/Gtkmm Tools
Similar to Qt one but with GTK libraries instead of Qt. GTK is the thing that built GNOME while QT is the thing that built KDE.

Code Hostings
Ethical, free software-based code repository services available in 2020. This includes and among many others.

# Trisquel Descendants & Alikes

Uruk GNU/Linux (Iraq)
A desktop OS derived from Trisquel with Iraqi stuffs.

PureOS (United States)
The official operating system of Purism Librem laptop and smartphone derived from Debian.

# Troubleshooting

Synaptic Package Manager: Fix Missing Search Bar
When you do not find seach box on Synaptic, there is a package need to be installed.

# Miscellaneous

Privacy Tools - and Searx, Disconnect and HTTPS Everywhere, DNSCrypt, and more tools for online privacy.

Search Engines - familiarize yourself with privacy-based search engine (with several good alternatives)

On-Screen Typing Indicator - display everything your type on screen, needed for teaching or video tutorial making

Enable Windows key on MATE Edition - so when you press Super key the start menu opened, for the regular edition.

Enable Windows key on KDE Edition - same as above, but for Triskel edition.

Submit Your Laptop's Hardware Info - contribute to our community by publishing hardware info if your laptop can run Trisquel perfectly --that means your laptop is a lost treasure--.

Distros with 32-bit support today including Trisquel - if your computer is still 32-bit for example the old Intel Pentium generation you can use Trisquel 32-bit while at the moment almost all other distros abandoned 32-bit.

Source Code ISO CDs of Trisquel - if you wonder where to get full source code in easily downloadable CD format.

Communication with Riot/Matrix - many people in our Free Software Community started to use Matrix chatting system (a modern successor to IRC) and this is the guide.

Rsync to copy big files across filesystems - use rsync command line to transfer files in a quick and very reliable way. Rsync itself is free software.

Trisquel Multiboot USB - make a flash disk drive to be a bootable of Trisquel and also other operating systems. This cuts off your monetary cost to purchase a new flash drive for every OS. The free software used is GLIM.

GNU Jami on Trisquel - formerly GNU Ring, it is a new way to communicate online without server at all with built-in voice and video conference capabilities, available for phone and computer platforms. GNU Jami is free software.

Jitsi Meet on Trisquel - a convenient way to make video and voice conference with share screen capability (in my experience, for online teaching). Jitsi is free software.

Alternative Word Resources - my long list of online links about Free Software, Privacy and Security, and Internet Decentralization so everybody got to know them quicker.

How Useful and Wonderful LiveCD Is - my experiences in running LiveCD that is always useful and also fun, for example, you can help others rescuing their data from a broken computer.

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