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Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 22:39

This article explains easy steps to install GNU IceCat web browser (a custom Firefox designed to protect internet privacy; more strict than Firefox) on 3 kinds of system: Ubuntu 16.04, Trisquel 8, and any of Trisquel/Ubuntu versions. This article is for you using latest Ubuntu or old version of Trisquel when you cannot find IceCat on repository. If you wonder why IceCat is important, read FSF's comparison between IceCat and Safari. I write this article as continuation of my previous internet privacy tools recommendation and to introduce IceCat to more audiences. Enjoy!

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Method 1: For Trisquel 8

IceCat is available at Trisquel 8 repo. So install it instantly:
$ sudo apt-get install icecat

Method 2: For Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 16.04 is compatible with Trisquel 8 and vice versa. So, Ubuntu users can install applications from Trisquel repo and also vice versa. Finally, you can install IceCat (that is not available at Ubuntu repo) from Trisquel repo.

Add Trisquel repo first, then install IceCat from that.

Add Trisquel 8 "Flidas" repo:
$ echo 'deb flidas main' | sudo tee --append /etc/apt/sources.list
$ sudo apt-get update
Check if icecat package exists, and, it should be from URL:
$ apt-cache policy icecat
$ sudo apt-get install icecat

Method 3: For Trisquel or Ubuntu All Versions

This is an easy method to download, run IceCat, and place it on the menu. Use this method if you're not using 16.04 or 8, for example, Ubuntu 17.10 or Trisquel 6. The latest version is 52.3.0 at the time I write this article.

Download IceCat package:
Select a file to download

Copy to 'Documents/' folder:
Copy the .tar.gz2 file into your Documents/ folder.

Extract IceCat:
Right-click the file > Extract here > you get a new folder named 'icecat-xx.y.z...' > you see 'icecat' folder there > and inside icecat folder there is a file named 'icecat'

Where to extract

Run IceCat:
Double-click the 'icecat' file and GNU IceCat should appears.

Install Alacarte:
$ sudo apt-get install alacarte
Add "IceCat" to Desktop Menu:
Run Alacarte > create a new entry > browse the command line to point to the 'icecat' file > change the icon as you wish (or, download icon below)

IceCat logo

Run IceCat from menu:
Open your desktop menu and find IceCat and run it. Done!

IceCat on desktop menu at Ubuntu 17.10