This tutorial will help you setup your Gmail email account using Thunderbird on Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat." Thunderbird from Mozilla is the default email client program on Ubuntu. With this, you can send and receive emails in a dedicated application with offline access, a lot of personal configurations and abilities to backup them easily. We will use the standard IMAP configuration here that is the easiest one. Lastly, we hope this will help your computing with Ubuntu. Now let's start!



1. Run Thunderbird from the Ubuntu button.

2. "Account Setup" should show by now.

If not, click three lines menu > New Account > Existing Email.  

3. Type your three information:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address e.g.
  • Your password

4. Click Continue and let Thunderbird process it for a while.

 5. "Configuration Found" and "Available configurations" messages will show. Let it select "IMAP" and not POP3 and click Done.


6. A new window will show to ask you three things:

  • Re-enter your email e.g., then
  • Re-enter your password, then
  • Click Allow to allow Thunderbird to access Gmail (this is a security called "OAuth2"), then
  • This window will disappear.


7. "Account Successfully Created" message will show at the top and click Finish to the bottom.


8. Finally, your Gmail inbox will show on the left e.g. > wait for it to read all your emails > now Thunderbird is ready to send and receive emails with your Gmail account.


PS:  we are fans of Ubuntu laptop brands such as KFocus and System76!



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 This is a collection of useful tutorials and suggestions for new users of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS "Noble Numbat" working with their new computer system. We compiled for you simple tips and tricks easy to follow with some examples and recommendations such as how to begin your journey with Files and installing apps like Telegram Desktop including games and many other fun things. Now let's start reading and wish you luck!

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This tutorial will help you get Winamp-like audio player application on Ubuntu 24.04. That application is QMMP a free software music player written in Qt and licensed under GNU GPL and available on Ubuntu's official repository. Its prominent feature is, among others, capability to use other players' skins notably Winamp and XMMS. This player might give you nostalgic feelings of 1990's and 2000's computing without using software that does not respect your freedom. Now let's try it out.



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This tutorial will help you setup integration of Google Drive storage on Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat". The expected result is to enable access in the file manager, upload and download (read and write) to your Gmail account's online storage. This means Files will show youremail at gmail dot com as a new drive and you will be able to copy and paste write and delete files and folder remotely to it. 


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This tutorial will help you change mouse cursor size on any computer with GNOME desktop environment by the example Ubuntu GNU/Linux. It is useful for many cases including, among them, teaching purposes on online streaming or live presentation using a projector device and to help older people or those with vision issues. We also use this on our online course in Indonesia. We wish this will really help you!


1. Click Ubuntu logo > find and run Settings.

2. Go to Accessibility > Seeing > Cursor Size.

3. Select one of cursors in different size.

4. Cursor size adjusted.

5. Close Settings.


The results will be like the following. Notice the difference of pointer size compared to its surrounding menu and icons.




This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

This is a listing of preinstalled applications of Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat" from A to Z with brief explanations of their purposes. With this article, you will begin to know that your Ubuntu has many default apps from Additional Drivers to Videos and you will learn in general about what you can do with them in your computing. And we also included some useful tutorials related to productivity tools like LibreOffice so you can learn more. Now let's read and we wish you the best!


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This tutorial will show you a simple way how to show temperature and fan speed on an Ubuntu 24.04 laptop. This is extremely useful especially when your laptop tends to be hot and you live at a hot place. We use ThinkPad T430 as example for this tutorial and your results should be more or less the same. Now let's learn how to do that!

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This tutorial will show you how to set an alarm and timer using preinstalled app GNOME Clocks on Ubuntu 24.04. In short, you can use this to remind yourself a period of time like cooking, exercising, napping etc. both short and long time, repeatedly or not. For example set a timer and do your activity and Ubuntu will pop up in five or ten minutes "beep beep" to remind you kindly. Now let us try it out and have fun!

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