To dear readers, in the emergency of COVID-19 widespread disease, we all needed to keep staying at home but in fact we still need to communicate with people. For that purpose, I listed here several free & popular communication tools everybody can use on Ubuntu with short guidances in using them. They are email & mailing list, IRC webchat, Telegram, and Jitsi Meet. They are all gratis and quick to use and I myself using them for online teaching and reaching people out there. Stay safe and be healthy!

(Back to basic with email group to communicate online)

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After publishing my latest GNOME and then Plasma articles, I think it is interesting to summarize between them in a separate article considering several interesting stuffs. First, their release date are the same, 11, except Plasma is in February and GNOME is in March. Second, they publish interesting videos and announcements I listed below. Third, they had conferences in 2019 that back them up namely Akademy and GNOME.Asia Summit I also listed below. Fourth, they have users who love to write reviews such as Dedoimedo and OMG! Ubuntu I listed below too. Last but not least, I also mentioned where to download their source code, to contribute to them, and the donation links. I wish this summary article helps you in figuring out more about both. Enjoy desktop GNU/Linux!

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The best way to test latest Plasma version 5.18 is by using KDE Neon operating system which is indeed designed to convey latest KDE Software to humanity. However, there are other distros out there to bring same thing if you would love an alternative. I mentioned below where and what to download, how to make bootable and run it, and finally several links to read. As a longtime KDE user I really welcome this latest release. Enjoy Plasma Desktop!

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The community beloved computer desktop environment GNOME released version 3.36 with codename Gresik (a city in Indonesia) at Wednesday, 11 March 2020. GNOME is the user interface of Ubuntu nowadays and also user interface of many other operating systems. The software is already available at its official website but we know we need to upgrade our operating system in order to use it. The problem is either our OS does not provide 3.36 yet or we do not want to upgrade. In fact, most OSes are not fast in providing latest GNOME including Ubuntu itself. On the other hand, we as the users often want to try it out only and do not want any change in our system. There is a solution --a quick way-- to try out 3.36 easily without changing our OS. It is by downloading a distro with it built-in and run its LiveCD session. This way we can review all its features in safely and happily. What are OSes available today with 3.36? How to get it? How to run the LiveCD? Those are the purposes of this simple tutorial. Enjoy GNOME Gresik!

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Page Styles are page designs. It is similar concept to Headings and Paragraph Styles but applied to pages instead. With them, you can make different page numbering in one document such as Roman first and Arabic later just like in academic writings. Alternatively, you can also make a document with different page orientations and/or margins as you wish. You can either use existing or create new ones of them. However, the secret of success in using Page Styles is a thing called Manual Break. This tutorial explains step by step to use them with examples. Enjoy writing!

(LibreOffice Writer document with different page designs)

As continuation to the previous tutorial, here is the other way around Ubuntu with Mint icon themes. Unlike Ubuntu's, this icon theme called Mint-Y is one but divided into different color sub-theme such as Mint-Y-Dark and so on. This tutorial will explain in simple ways where and what to download and how to install and switch the icon theme. Enjoy customization!

(Ubuntu with Mint-Y green and round icon theme)

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Here is Mint Cinnamon with Ubuntu's Yaru and Humanity icons. They are high quality and artistic icon theme popular among GNU/Linux users I believe many will love to use it on their Mint computers. I explain here where and what files to download, how to install it, and to enable the icon theme. Enjoy beautiful icons!

(Mint Cinnamon 19 with Yaru icon theme from Ubuntu Cosmic Cuttlefish)
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Continuing my previous review, Zorin Education is a computer operating system designed for use in school. Aside from giving complete applications built-in for normal computing, it specifically includes applications for study fields especially math and science. Not only that, today it is perhaps the only OS in the world that include a game making application which is capable to create games for both phone and desktop games. This will make schooling and teaching more fun. For people with prior knowledge, if you are looking for Edubuntu OS continuation, I would love to say you are better to look at Zorin Education more closely. I tried to expose it briefly here by summarizing the school purpose first and game making then. For all teachers and lecturers everywhere, I recommend you to try out this OS. Enjoy!

(Zorin Education displaying its desktop with start menu displaying categories of Education, Science, and Programming)

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