There was a really good desktop dictionary program StarDict available on Ubuntu for years. It means a lot for education! Unfortunately, it was no longer available on 18.10 "Cosmic Cuttlefish" and later since it got discontinued. That means 18.04 LTS users can still install it but 20.04 LTS users lost it. Fortunately, we have its modern replacement named QStarDict with same functionalities available for 20.04. This tutorial explains how to get it to your system and supplies example in adding dictionary data and finally how to use it.


 Thanks to free software community StarDict now lives again!

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This year good news coming one after another. Everything starts with Fedora announcing Fedora on Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, then Ubuntu announcing Dell XPS Focal Fossa, and now elementary OS announcing both Slimbook and Pine64 PineBook laptops. Now everybody globally can find Ubuntu, Fedora, and elementary OS preloaded on branded laptops and PCs. This means GNU/Linux desktop goes mainstream. I am happy to see this. I really want to sum them up in one article so everybody sees these great moment. For everyone who loves Free Software community here's the news for you!

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We are fortunate to have a good virtual machine tool AQEMU on GNU/Linux operating systems. With AQEMU on your Ubuntu computer, you can virtualize any operating systems very easily. It can replace and works similarly to the proprietary tool VirtualBox or VMWare step by step as you can see in this tutorial. Now let's learn virtualization!

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At Saturday 10 October 2020 finally I purchased Lenovo ThinkPad that I wanted for a long time. It replaces my old laptops Asus and Acer which are already unusable for all my works especially here at Ubuntu Buzz. Now I have a decent computer to write Ubuntu articles I love here. As an avid Ubuntu user, of course I tested it immediately with 20.04 and it made me so happy everything runs faster and better. I feel it is perfect. It is a T430 from 2012 with Intel Core i5 and four GB memory and 320 GB hard disk drive plus its trademark red trackpad and everything else. I found it new by price Rp2,5 millions or roughly $169 so I think I’m lucky. I now can recommend ThinkPad to everyone especially those who want laptop to run GNU/Linux and Free Software. To share my happiness with you, below I listed details of my ThinkPad with important notes.

My Thinkpad Summary

It is dream comes true laptop to me. Its design looks cool. It works perfectly with latest Ubuntu and Kubuntu LTS. It works very well with latest Trisquel Etiona too but the wifi does not work along with the bluetooth. The display is just like what I want a fine non shining one so now I can photograph my display just fine. The important part is my ThinkPad does not have NVIDIA Geforce nor ATi Radeon which makes me very happy I feel free from troubles. It lasts for 3.5 hours according to my test at its first days which is very good for me.


  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Hard disk drive: 320GB
  • Video card: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • Booting firmware: UEFI and BIOS Legacy 
  • Ethernet: Intel Gigabit
  • Wifi: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205
  • MMC/SD card port: yes 
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • CDROM: DVD+-RW Ultrabay
  • USB port: 2x version 3.0, 2x version 2.0
  • VGA port: 1x 
  • PCMCIA: 1x
  • HDMI port: -
  • Battery: SANYO Lithium ion, +/- 3.5 hours
  • Charger: Lenovo 65W 20V



That's all. I wish everybody got good laptop. I wish I could deliver better works with my Thinkpad. May everybody be healthy and fine.

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Actually it is very easy to install Ubuntu alike operating systems with data storage partitions similar to Drive D: to mimic tradition of Windows computers. What you need to do is just install Ubuntu like usual but create one additional large partition without attaching mount point to it. The result is you will always see one data partition ready to use just like you usually found while using Windows. Just because apparently many people asked it then I make this tutorial to help. As stated it is for Ubuntu alike, you can also practice this to Fedora, openSUSE, Manjaro, and others.

 (A Kubuntu laptop with New Volume displayed as data partition)

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You may find you cannot update your Trisquel 8 computer. In my case, the issue is after about one year have not been used, today I run my Trisquel and I am unable to get more applications. For such issue, In most cases, the solution is to change your software sources and try updating once again. Below is how to fix it.

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GNU Image Manipulation Program or more popular as GIMP is a professional graphic editor everyone can get freely. Its 2.10 version is a big change compared to prior versions. So after you installed it on Ubuntu perhaps you will need some adjustments. Here is a summary of things useful to do for you. 

Subscribe to UbuntuBuzz Telegram Channel to get article updates. is the time machine of the internet. You can find on it any web page ever published since 1996. Think Google but you can go back to any point in history of every result. You can also be part of the time machine or contributing to it. This article invites you to try The Internet Archive and contribute by saving pages you love to be a history everyone can read. Believe me it is fun!

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