Below is list of useful tips and tricks for new Ubuntu 20.10. If you have purchased a new Ubuntu laptop or installed it by yourself to computer, this article is for you. This list has apps recommendation, fonts and wallpapers stuffs, amusement and also things for your health. Enjoy latest computing technology comfortably on Ubuntu!

(Ubuntu 20.10 with wide screen resolution & dark theme over its Yellow wallpaper)

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For Desktop

  • Fonts: there’s Libertine fonts you can obtain with free license. Not recognizing it? It is the font of Wikipedia logo. For Arabic, I recommend Amiri Quran font. Find more fonts at

  • Wallpapers: go to they serve thousands of free public domains photos.

  • Health: enable Night Light feature on System Settings to combat sleeplessness and eyestrain.

  • Battery: prolong your battery duration by adjusting things on Power section under Settings. For example, reduce the Blank Screen time and enable Automatic Suspend.

  • Automount: make all disk partitions active every time just like Windows. Learn here.

  • Touchpad: enable Tap To Click and disable Natural Scrolling on System Settings.

  • Put icons on desktop: here’s how to do it on Ubuntu.

  • Tweaks: several mostly demanded changes are Autohide, Icon Size, Panel Position, and Dark Theme (System Settings > Appearance).

For Apps and Games

  • Password manager: get KeePassXC. It helps store all your difficult-to-remember credentials so you can securely peek at them at any time.

  • Android phone pairing: get GSConnect.

  • YouTube desktop: run FreeTube. A convenient YouTube client.

  • Chatting: Telegram is available for you.

  • School: there are StarDict desktop dictionary with handy features, Zotero references & bibliography manager, and also EtherCalc to make simple online attendances.

  • Video games: you can find strategy games 0.A.D. (like Age of Empires), OpenRA (like Command & Conquer: Red Alert), or Warzone 2100 (like Starcraft); and also shooting games OpenArena (like Quake) and Red Eclipse (multiplayer FPS) or simply the 2D ones MARS.


  • Login with password: enable it on Users section under Settings. 

  • Save internet bandwidth: perhaps you use limited or expensive internet access, so you can turn on Metered Connection under System Settings to disable automatic upgrades including Snap updates. You can use apt-get to update or install applications instead.

  • Explore AppImages: there are portable apps for Ubuntu! See for example FreeTube above, and see beyond Inkscape, Krita, Kdenlive available as click and run applications.



That's all. I hope you find computing fun with Ubuntu Groovy. See you next time!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

This tutorial explains Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla computer installation. You will prepare at least two disk partitions, finishing it all in about twenty minutes, and enjoy! Let's start right now.

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Ubuntu 20.10 aka Groovy Gorilla finally released by Canonical bringing the latest and greatest Free Libre Open Source Software technology to worldwide computer users. What's new in this release is that it's the first time Ubuntu Desktop available for Raspberry Pi – the world most popular ARM-based computers. Now here's list of Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi download links, as well as Official Flavors from Kubuntu to Ubuntu Budgie with Checksums included. Simply click and download. Happy downloading!

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Lenovo ThinkPad users can boot USB drives finely. As Ubuntu Buzz often publishes booting articles, now let's learn how to practice that on computers using ThinkPad as example. By making this tutorial I hope I give abilities to all computer users who didn't know yet they can do this amazing thing. Let's go!

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Anyone using Kubuntu will see KOrganizer the best desktop calendar and anyone knows internet knows NextCloud technology a complete solution to live online. Now we find Operation Tulip a generous online service for data storage and calendar based on that technology. This tutorial explains how to synchronize your desktop and your online calendar the easy way.

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Groovy Gorilla is the birth name of Ubuntu 20.10 the next generation computer operating system with latest technology. As its version number suggests, it is the October release this year after the April one 20.04 LTS as traditionally Ubuntu released twice a year since its first inception in 2004. Now I have the chance to see what’s new in Groovy for dear readers who are curious plus how it works on Lenovo ThinkPad. Let’s enjoy! 
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We are pleased to welcome the long awaited Trisquel 9 LTS. This is the free computer operating system for everyone mostly suitable to replace Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS for daily purposes and server. Codenamed Etiona and based upon stable base Ubuntu 18.04, Trisquel, at Friday 16 October 2020, it announces availability for desktop and server plus for old and modern computers. The new big thing is that now it features a KDE edition called Triskel. This list delivers all the download links plus computer vendors where you can purchase PCs or laptops with Trisquel.  


There was a really good desktop dictionary program StarDict available on Ubuntu for years. It means a lot for education! Unfortunately, it was no longer available on 18.10 "Cosmic Cuttlefish" and later since it got discontinued. That means 18.04 LTS users can still install it but 20.04 LTS users lost it. Fortunately, we have its modern replacement named QStarDict with same functionalities available for 20.04. This tutorial explains how to get it to your system and supplies example in adding dictionary data and finally how to use it.


 Thanks to free software community StarDict now lives again!

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