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Monday, March 6, 2017 at 17:41

Here is a beginner's guide to install Trisquel 8 GNU/Linux operating system. This 8th release is codenamed Flidas. It's still in alpha version per this 6 March 2017 but the latest ISO image is already installable (Ubiquity has been added). The installation steps are very familiar for any former Ubuntu user, and easy, but I write this so any new comer can have this user-friendly 100% free GNU/Linux distro at their home. I hope this helps you a lot.

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i. Download Trisquel

You can download Trisquel at main page This page provides you Trisquel 7 LTS Stable. At this time Trisquel 8 is still in alpha stage, you can download the latest development images here Next time the devel released as stable, you'll find the main page providing Trisquel 8.

Stable version

Devel version

ii. Prepare Partitions

Installing any GNU/Linux OS for desktop requires two partitions, one as "main partition" (/) and one as "swap partition" (swap). It's always better for anyone to prepare two blank partitions before installing, because it's safer and ease the installation process.

  • You can create these two partition by using GParted.
  • If you don't want to create, just replace any partition existed with Trisquel installation. I do this for this tutorial.
  • Backup your important data.

iii. Write ISO to USB Drive

The cheapest installation media for GNU/Linux is USB flash drive. So write your Trisquel ISO image to a blank USB drive to make it Trisquel installation media. You can use built-in Disk Utility to make a bootable USB.

iv. Enter "Try Trisquel Session"

Plug your USB drive in and boot your computer to USB drive. At the booting screen, you should see Trisquel welcome screen with some options, and choose "Try Trisquel without installing" option.

1. Choose Language

Choose English. Or, at your option, your own language.

2. Choose No Network Connection

It's faster to install while no network connection enabled.

3. Choose Not To Download Update

It's also faster to install without downloading anything from the internet. You still can do it later while Trisquel installed.

4. Choose Something Else

At the Installation type stage, don't choose anything except "Something Else".

5. Create Main Partition

At the partitioning table stage, like below, choose the partition you've prepared to be the "main partition" > click "Change" button > set the Size: as you wish > set Use as: "Ext4 Journaling file system" > check "Format file partition" on > set "Mount point: /" > OK.

6. Create Swap Partition

At the same partitioning table stage, choose the swap partition you've prepared and choose "Use as: swap".

Choosing Bootloader Location

See the selection bar at the bottom. Choose the hard disk name of the partitions you've created. If you have only 1 hard disk, then the default choice is safe.

Start The Installation

After creating main partition and swap partition, now, click "Install Now" button. This will start the real installation including writing/replacing the partitions you've selected.

7. Choose Your Time Region

After pressing Install Now, the installation progress begins, and you're being asked your time region. Click at the map any region of yours or simply type your city name at the text box.

8. Choose Keyboard Layout

The default choice is safe. But if you are a Japanese or Russian, you can always choose any suitable keyboard layout here.

9. Choose Username & Password

Determine your username and password here. These are the credentials for your user account. The password you determine here will be your sudo password later.

10. Wait for Installation Progress

After determining password, Trisquel will continue the rest of installation. It shows you a slideshow introducing Trisquel, Free Software Movement, and Linux-libre kernel.

Installation Finished

Once finished, Trisquel will ask you whether to stay at this "try Trisquel session" or restart. Choose whatever you wish.