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Monday, February 27, 2017 at 22:08

If you are a blogger, and using Ubuntu, Automattic made the desktop client for GNU/Linux for you. If this sounds new for you, this so-called desktop client is similar with Thunderbird for email or Firefox for web. You can write posts without using your web browser program. The Desktop App is free software licensed under GNU GPL and the latest version is 2.2.0 for February 2017. This short article guides you to install it on Ubuntu at any version.

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1. Download the DEB Package

Download the .deb package for Ubuntu from For version 2.2.0, the file size is 53MB.

2. Install the Package

Copy the .deb file into your HOME directory (where you can see Documents directory) and open your Terminal (press Ctrl+Alt+T) to run this command line:

$ sudo dpkg -i wordpress-com-2-2-0.deb

Change the file name above to your actual file name. When the cursor is back to shell prompt without any error, it means the installation finished.

3. Run the Desktop App

Look for name on your Ubuntu menu. Run it. You will need a account and internet connection to use it.

4. Pin It to Launcher

To run it easier, pin it on your desktop Launcher.

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