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This is a list of software for Ubuntu user switching from MS Windows. This list compares free software in Ubuntu with nonfree software in Windows for everyone. This list translates what people commonly use in Windows to Ubuntu, for example, you install LibreOffice in Ubuntu to replace MS Office in Windows. All programs for Ubuntu here are available in Ubuntu repository and can be installed easily. Although this list is designed for Ubuntu, anyone can use this for another GNU/Linux distros such as Trisquel and Kubuntu.

Category Windows (nonfree software) Ubuntu (free software)
Web browser Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox
Office suite Microsoft Office LibreOffice
Word processor Microsoft Word LibreOffice Writer
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel LibreOffice Calc
Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint LibreOffice Impress
Video editor Adobe Premiere Kdenlive
Audio editor WavePad
Download manager Internet Download Manager (IDM) Persepolis Download Manager (PDM)
Archive manager WinRAR File Roller
Video player Windows Media Player VLC
Audio Player WinAmp Rhythmbox
Image editor (bitmap) Adobe Photoshop GIMP
Image editor (vector) CorelDRAW Inkscape
Drawing MS Paint Pinta
Screenshot tool ScreenshotCaptor Shutter
Page layout Adobe InDesign Scribus
2D animation Macromedia Flash MX Synfig Studio
3D animation 3D Studio Max Blender
3D computer aided design AutoCAD FreeCAD
3D globe Google Earth Marble
CD burner Nero Burning ROM K3B
Remote desktop TeamViewer Remmina
Mathematics simulator MATLAB Scilab
Programming platform (popular) Microsoft Visual Basic GAMBAS
Programming platform (C/C++ based) Microsoft Visual Studio Qt Creator
Hard disk usage examiner Xinorbis Baobab
Cache cleaner CCleaner Bleachbit
Classroom management (interactive teaching) Faronics Insight iTALC
USB bootable maker WinToFlash Disk Utility
USB bootable maker (multiboot) SARDU MultiSystem
Partition editor EASEUS Partition Master GParted
Java platform Oracle JDK OpenJDK
2D game engine Game Maker GDevelop
3D game engine Unity 3D Godot Game Engine


1) To install programs listed at Ubuntu column, the easiest is by using APT command line.

2) Nonfree software is not to mean paid software. This type of software could be gratis (like Chrome) or paid (like Photoshop). Nonfree is called nonfree because the user is not free in copying and changing the software.

3) Free software is not to mean gratis software. Most of free software in Ubuntu is indeed gratis, but the most important is they are free. Free software is called free because the user is free. Read more about it at FSF page.

4) Mozilla Firefox is free software licensed under copyleft MPL 2.0 license. However, Abrowser and GNU IceCat are browsers based on Firefox if you use another distros.

4) A few software like Persepolis, MultiSystem, Godot, and GDevelop are not available in Ubuntu repository but available from third-party sources.

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