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There are some reasons for people nowadays to use Usenet newsgroup. For example, a historical reason such as to join the same newsgroup as Linus Torvalds first announcement, comp.os.minix. Here we explain simple steps to join a Usenet server and then subscribe to one newsgroup. We provide examples here.

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This tutorial explains step by step to do ssh login from laptop into Raspberry Pi. By doing ssh login, you will control the whole Raspberry Pi from command line from your laptop. We suppose the Raspberry Pi is not connected into any monitor. First, you should edit your /etc/network/interfaces file in Raspbian. Second, you boot Raspberry Pi up. Third, you do ssh login into Raspberry Pi. This article is basically a reduced version for Remote Desktop XRDP Raspberry Pi. We hope this helps.

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Calligra Suite is a free office suite for GNU/Linux. Calligra is available in Ubuntu repository. This article introduce steps to install the whole Calligra Suite and to install one by one main component (such as Words or Krita) of it.

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This article introduces briefly how to install an extension in LibreOffice. It is very easy in only 3 steps. We choose MultiSave extension as example here. It is an extension to save document into many formats simultaneously. You may apply this example for another extensions. We hope this will be useful.

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We're happy to announce UbuntuBuzz 11th edition for February 2016. In this issue, we includes it some topics:

  • PDF conversion and manipulation with poppler-utils utilities.
  • Scribus howto about character & paragraph styles.
  • Tor browser & Tor for Firefox.
  • How to pass apt-get connection through Tor Network.

  • Title: UbuntuBuzz Magazine #11 February 2016
  • Contents: 15 articles from UbuntuBuzz blog January 2016
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Tools used: LibreOffice, Scribus, PDFSAM
  • Download link: Archive.org

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We're pleased to announce our 10th edition of UbuntuBuzz Magazine. This issue is a collection at January 2016, contains all of our December 2015 articles. We provide a direct link to the magazine PDF below. This issue contains some topics such as:

  • How to install sK1, a free vector graphic editor for GNU/Linux. 
  • How to install latest Inkscape, GIMP, and NINJA IDE in Ubuntu. 
  • How to install Synfig Studio in Ubuntu.
  • Scribu 1.5 short review.
  • How to use packages.ubuntu.com.

  • Title: UbuntuBuzz Magazine #10 January 2016
  • Contents: 15 articles from UbuntuBuzz blog December 2015
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 1.5 MB
  • Tools used: LibreOffice, Scribus, PDFSAM
  • Download link: Archive.org

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This tutorial is about establishing remote desktop connection from laptop to Raspberry Pi. This tutorial mainly dedicated for those don't have HDMI monitor for Raspberry Pi. You will use your laptop monitor as Raspberry Pi monitor by using remote desktop (xrdp & remmina). This tutorial makes use of Raspberry Pi 3. Thanks to Juang Nakarani for lending me a HDMI monitor and kindly teaching me remote desktop.

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KDE Image Menu or KIM is a free software by Charles Bouveyron. It is actually a plugin for Dolphin file manager, and a front-end for ImageMagick software collection. One advantages from KIM is it allows you to manipulate (convert, compress, resize, rotate) many image files simultaneously by one click. This article introduces how to use KIM for those manipulation activities including some examples. KIM is available for KDE 4 and 5. So every Kubuntu version can use it for now.

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