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With E3 wrapping up neatly over summer and the prospect of new and ever more expensive next-gen games hitting our consoles and PC’s in the coming months we’ve decided to help you save some cash for those games further down the line by giving you a great selection of fun free Linux games you can download and play just now.

1. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Starting off our list strong we have Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, this great game is legendary amongst those who played it as part of the original single player FPS game.
Now a stand-alone free source game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a no-holds barred, nostalgia filled return to the glory days of early 2000’s online multiplayer gaming as two teams of the Allies and Axis tear each other to shreds across a range of maps and objective based games with an assortment of deadly weaponry and special abilities for each character class.

The latest popular internet browser firefox 27 has been released. With a tagline "Proudly non-profit, Innovating for you, Fast, flexible,secure" Firefox 27 come with several bug fix, the complate list you can find in : Firefox 27 the change log

What's New ?
trought Mozilla Firefox official bog, Firefox adds new social partners, new providers you can integrate with Firefox include delicious and Saavn.

Firefox is built for how you use the Web and we’ve been working on ways to expand our social integration in Firefox to quickly and easily connect you with your friends and family. Last year, we launched with Facebook as the first Firefox social integration partner and soon after we added Cliqz, and Mixi. Today, we are happy to offer more social integration options for you to choose from in Firefox.

Canonical, te provider of Ubuntu want to build a phone that provides a computing experience with ubuntu in a mobile Phone. Seems that time has come, shortly canonical will launch it's mobile phone (Ubuntu Phone) that named Ubuntu Edge.

So, what's its look like ? can Ubuntu Edge beat iPhone, HTC, Samsung and its competitors ? Here some of picture of Ubuntu Edge that collected from various sources :

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Ubuntu forum (ubuntuforum.org) since 2013-07-20 2011UTC  has been attached by hacker, million user data and password has stolen. we are strongly encouraged to change our password on the other service ASAP.

Till now Ubuntu Forum is still down, ubuntuforum.org is the the main forum that owned by canonical to spread information and update about ubuntu, ubuntuforum.org is the the main forum that owned by canonical to spread information and update about ubuntu, and a lot of information stored there. hopefully this attack does not eliminate any previous post existing there.

If you have any question and problem about ubuntu and need a fast response, may following page can be an alternative ask before ubuntuforum.org can operate again  :

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Hello, I have a good news for those who likes bleeding-edge technology especially in Linux Kernel. The latest stable release of Linux Kernel version 3.10.1 has been released and can be installed on Ubuntu from DEB packages. Installing kernel 3.10.1 from DEB packages makes many things easier because there is no need to compile the Linux kernel source code. DEB packages make removing the installed kernel easier too!

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