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To enable autosave in LibreOffice, go to menu Tools > Options > Load/Save > General > check Save AutoRecovery information every option > give a time value. For example, we give it 1 minute so LibreOffice will do autosave every 1 minute. You can also check Always create backup copy option so LibreOffice will always save hidden file as a copy of your current document. That kind of file is very useful after the computer experienced power failure or any other disaster. See picture below.

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apt-rdepends is a great tool to list complete dependencies of a package. Beside of that, apt-rdepends has capability to produce graph-compatible output. In other words, user can use apt-rdepends to produce dependencies list then use dot to create dependencies map in an image file (whether it is PNG or else). In this article, we will create maps for some Ubuntu packages separately.

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Scribus 1.5 NG has released both in upstream (developer source code) and in downstream (i.e. PPA repository). Scribus 1.5 for Ubuntu is available for 14.04, 15.04, 15.10, and 16.04. Notice that it doesn't provide 14.10. Although 1.5 is a testing version (a preview for the next 1.6 release), probably you want to test the new features or its stability on an experiment environment (i.e. live session). This guide needs you to open Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and perform three commands. You will need internet connection to do it.

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Usually we  can add a new PPA repository by adding it into Software Sources (software-properties-gtk) either from Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic. But actually we can add same PPA manually. This manual method will help user to easily remove unused PPA later.

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Those who use Ubuntu in internet-restricted area such as college or office, probably will need proxy configuration for their apt-get command. Especially in the college, when every student given username and password for campus proxy to connect to the internet. Actually we just need to configure proxy or with/without authentication in apt.conf file. Here we go.

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