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Some years ago when I was still using Microsoft Office, I didn't know there was automatic table of contents feature. I create my table of contents manually with many dots by typing them one by one. The table of content result was very ugly. But after I knew OpenOffice.org then LibreOffice, I never use such manual way again. So how to create table of contents automatically in LibreOffice? I will show you how.

1. Create the concept of your writings. It consists of title, subtitle, sub of subtitle, etc. until the end.
2. Then select your title. Or just put your cursor there. Then click on Default Style combo box, select Heading 1.
3. Select your subtitle. Or just put your cursor there. Give it Heading 2.
4. Select your child of subtitle. Give it Heading 3.
5. Consistently, you should give Heading 2 for subtitle and Heading 3 for child of subtitle. You can give Heading 4, Heading 5,  and so on for deeper subtitle, if your article has it.
6. Put your cursor at beginning of the first page.
7. Select menu Insert > Indexes and Tables > Indexes and Tables.
8. Click OK.
9. LibreOffice generates table of contents based on your headings.


Do you want LibreOffice to not auto correcting some words such as KGet, KTorrent, GBrainy, and another two initial capital words? As example, I am writing a download manager book today, and LibreOffice is always correcting my writing. If I write KGet, LibreOffice corrects it into Kget. And so on. Should I do Ctrl+H (Replace) in every chapter I wrote? Is there no way to exclude certain words to not automatically be corrected? Yes, there is.


Do you like the Split View feature in popular file manager such as Dolphin, Thunar, midnight commander, and (the old version of) Nautilus? This feature is so helpful to compare 2 different folders at once. How if you want this feature in your browser? Just install TileView add-on in Firefox and you get it.

How To Install

1. Visit https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/add-on/tile-view/.
2. Click Add to Firefox button.
3. Wait until the add-on installed successfully.
4. Restart your Firefox.
5. You get a new tile icon in your toolbar. That is TileView.


With E3 wrapping up neatly over summer and the prospect of new and ever more expensive next-gen games hitting our consoles and PC’s in the coming months we’ve decided to help you save some cash for those games further down the line by giving you a great selection of fun free Linux games you can download and play just now.

1. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Starting off our list strong we have Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, this great game is legendary amongst those who played it as part of the original single player FPS game.
Now a stand-alone free source game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a no-holds barred, nostalgia filled return to the glory days of early 2000’s online multiplayer gaming as two teams of the Allies and Axis tear each other to shreds across a range of maps and objective based games with an assortment of deadly weaponry and special abilities for each character class.

The latest popular internet browser firefox 27 has been released. With a tagline "Proudly non-profit, Innovating for you, Fast, flexible,secure" Firefox 27 come with several bug fix, the complate list you can find in : Firefox 27 the change log

What's New ?
trought Mozilla Firefox official bog, Firefox adds new social partners, new providers you can integrate with Firefox include delicious and Saavn.

Firefox is built for how you use the Web and we’ve been working on ways to expand our social integration in Firefox to quickly and easily connect you with your friends and family. Last year, we launched with Facebook as the first Firefox social integration partner and soon after we added Cliqz, and Mixi. Today, we are happy to offer more social integration options for you to choose from in Firefox.