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Wednesday, December 27, 2023 at 22:57

Zorin OS, the computer operating system from Ireland, released version 17 at Wednesday, 20th December, 2023. Currently available as Pro and Core editions with Lite and Education Editions waiting, it is the successor to version 16 released two years ago. This GNU/Linux system is suitable for most computer users, organizations, schools and offices. Below you will find the download links, mirrors, a torrent, checksums, and how to proceed further to the installation. Finally, once again we congratulate Zorin OS official for more than 6.2 million downloads since two years ago and it's our time to celebrate. Now let's download Zorin OS! 

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Purchase Zorin Laptop

Want Zorin OS? You can simply purchase a laptop or desktop with Zorin OS preinstalled. Fortunately, these computers are already available (just like Windows and MacOS boxes). Currently, everyone can order from two shops, namely LaptopWithLinux and StarLabs, click here to show them all, shipping from Netherland and United Kingdom respectively. They already ship computers with Zorin OS 17!

Download Pro Edition

We respect the decision of Zorin GNU/Linux to make one edition a paid product. You can purchase Pro Edition (Ultimate) for $48. Alternatively, you can just order a laptop with Pro Edition preinstalled from stores mentioned above. By purchasing one, you helped funding the Zorin OS development. We wish you success, Zorin OS.

Download Core Edition


Download Lite Edition

To be arrived.

Download Education Edition

To be arrived.


Below are several alternative download links of Zorin OS 17. You can pick one mirror below if you feel your download speed to the official mirror is slow.

North America, by Ibiblio, North Carolina.

South America, by Universidad De La Frontera, Chile.

Asia, by DatautamaNET, Indonesia.

Asia, by Kakao, South Korea.

Europe, by IRCAM, France.

Europe, by 23media, Germany.


Official Zorin OS does not publish torrents. However, unofficial torrents are made available for Core, Lite and Education Editions by FossTorrents. You can download from there and verify the downloaded files using Checksums below.


Your downloaded file should be verified and checked the SHA256SUM to match its original SHA256SUM from Zorin OS so then you can safely use it -- otherwise your file copy is broken and corrupted. You can follow this tutorial to do this verification.

  • Zorin OS 17 Core 64-bit: 0191e343586d40e1fdaa90dddae0b8c2105223babb63640c05daf29881a4ccfd
  • Zorin OS 17 Pro 64-bit: a2bd1461d079782c8831e40bc92ab23913b2e88cd2325362664d61718bb31a93

How To Make Zorin OS Bootable

We have the tutorials. You can use either Disk Utility or Unetbootin or Rufus program to burn the image file to a USB to make a Zorin OS bootable media. Follow Disk Utility tutorial or Unetbootin/Rufus one to do it. This media later can be used to install Zorin OS to your computer and laptop.

How To Install Zorin OS

Lastly, you can follow Ubuntu Installation Guide to install Zorin OS 17 as the walkthrough is basically the same. This guide can result in either normal or dualboot, either for UEFI or BIOS Legacy installation, and either on internal or external storage (an empty USB flash drive for example) for you.

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