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Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 00:05

 (Invidious website showing a YouTube channel)

Do you know Invidious? On Invidious, you can watch all YouTube videos safely and without ads with ability to download all of them. Technically, it means Invidious acts as an intermediary between you and YouTube and plays videos without JavaScript. This also means privacy, that is Google will not be able to record you! But the problem is all YouTube links on the net linked to and not Many people still don't know Indivious as well. So we always need to rewrite every link to to watch every video. This makes life difficult. Fortunately, thanks to several Firefox addons below, we can automatically change all youtube link to invidious instead, even the embed ones on webpages and social medias! This makes life easy. Finally, Invidious is free software licensed under GNU AGPL you can have the source code from GitHub. Let's make Indivious everywhere!


Here are several free software licensed addons you could use but I suggest you try the first one below.

Use Example

Link: every video URL on every webpage will automatically changed to Invidious URL instead of YouTube URL. When you click one, you open Invidious and not YouTube.

Embed: every embedded video on every webpage will automatically turned into Invidious embed frame, not YouTube's anymore.


Thank you omarroth for creating Invidious (the software) and make it online for us (the service). Thank you YouTube and its community for providing all the actual videos online so we can watch and download them.

My Personal View

I support Degoogle Movement as being done by PrivacyToolsIO, DeGoogle at Reddit, and such other communities. One among most difficult things for us to leave from Google is YouTube, of course. Personally, I found Invidious from Trisquel forum, a community of a 100% free software operating system, as they really actively talk about relationship between privacy and free software. Once I know it, I felt very happy, I do not need to browse YouTube anymore. And I think using Invidious is much more better than fussing around with YouTube alternatives like PeerTube or BitChute services. Finally, enjoy YouTube everywhere without nonfree Javascript!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.