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Friday, September 21, 2018 at 21:57

This tutorial explains how to install Lightning on Icedove. This makes your Icedove acts as a complete calendar application like KOrganizer or GNOME Calendar. You can import ICS (iCalendar) files or subscribe to any online calendar or create a new calendar from scratch. As many of you may know, Icedove mail client is a derivative of Mozilla Thunderbird, but installing addon on it may be not easy. If you use Trisquel or Debian operating system, and use Icedove, this article is for you. Happy scheduling!

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1. Getting The XPI

Every Thunderbird (here, Icedove) addon is actually an XPI file. It's a file with .xpi file name extension. To install Lightning addon of course you will need to download the Lightning XPI.
  • Go to Thunderbird addons center.
  • Download.
  • You get an XPI file. For example lightning-5.4-sm+tb-linux.xpi.

Where to download the XPI addon

2. Install The XPI

Now as you have the XPI, install it:
  • Run Icedove.
  • Go to menu > Addons.
  • Click gear button (beside search box) > Install extension from file > select the XPI file > OK.
  • Accept the installation.
  • Restart Icedove.

Where the menu is located

3. Use The Calendar

Once installed, Lightning turns your Icedove into a decent desktop calendar. To show it, simply click the '7' button on top > select 'Month' from view options. You can import ICS file, or create your own, or sync your Google Calendar/Fruux online account. Example below showing Icedove calendar with Worldwide Free/Libre Open Source Conferences:

You can try ICS files from picture above here:
See also Debian interesting new calendar project. Enjoy!

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