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Monday, August 26, 2019 at 08:10

(I use Rsync command to sell USB sticks with GNU/Linux)

Recently, I distribute GNU/Linux USB sticks with a bunch of video tutorials inside and I use Rsync command to copy the files with best reliability. I like Rsync because it is clear with progress and verbose messages, and in my cases it's often faster, more stable. I then use the same Rsync command to copy the ISO image files to USB as --you may know-- I am currently experimenting with GLIM and Aguslr's Multiboot USB tools. This works very well. Tutorial below shows you the command lines and examples.

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$ rsync --append --progress [ISO_NAME] [DESTINATION_FOLDER]

My examples:

Copying Ubuntu to USB:
$ rsync --append --partial --progress ubuntu-18.04-desktop-amd64.iso /media/master/GLIM/boot/iso/ubuntu/ 

Copying Trisquel to USB:
$ rsync --append --partial --progress trisquel_8.0_amd64.iso /media/master/GLIM/boot/iso/trisquel/ 

If I want more verbose output so I will see if any error occurs:
$ rsync -vvv --append --partial --progress trisquel_8.0_amd64.iso /media/master/GLIM/boot/iso/trisquel/

Rsync can resume your interrupted transfer as long as it's not caused by your Ctrl+C (cancel) key.

Short version of above commands is this:
$ rsync -vvvaP trisquel_8.0_amd64.iso /media/master/GLIM/boot/iso/trisquel/

In practice, I really use the short version a lot. I prefer that. As a side note, you saw 'GLIM' name above because I am currently experimenting with GLIM USB maker.


What's add more convenience to me is of course the integrated terminal within Dolphin File Manager on KDE I always use. With this, I don't need to type the address path of my ISO image file from external HDD.

(I run the command with only file manager without separate terminal window)

And of course, Bash shell up/down key to reveal previous commands is very useful I use if every time. Not to mention Ctrl+R to find previous "rsync" command I performed. Everything is convenient this way. 

Important Note

You are fortunate if you have healthy hard disk drive and other hardware. My external HDD and cable and USB ports are considerably broken so no matter how good Rsync is I will always experience errors and problems. Thanks to reliability of Rsync, I can have problems number reduced a lot. However, I am still doing distribution business with these set of broken hardware up to today. I wish you don't experience this hardship.

Happy working!

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