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Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 16:09

Continuing the printing tutorial, scanning is also pretty easy on both Ubuntu 18.04 and Trisquel 8.0. We use one preinstalled program called Simple Scan there. Again, with the same device Canon MP160 printer+scanner (100% compatible with GNU/Linux), this tutorial explains the steps to do. You don't need to install any additional driver on both system to scan with this scanner. Happy scanning!

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The Scanner

Just the same as previous post, here I use again PIXMA MP160, a printer and also a scanner in one device.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)


On both systems, the steps are actually the same, and simpler than printing.


  • Turn on your scanner (here: Canon MP160) and connect the USB cable to your computer. 
  • Put paper you wish to scan on the scanning surface and close the lid.
  • Run Simple Scan on your system (on Ubuntu: desktop menu > type scan > found Simple Scan; on Trisquel: desktop menu > Graphics > Simple Scan).


Press the green Scan button to start scanning.


Press the Scan button to start scanning.

Color and grayscale: 

  • To scan in full color, select "Photo" option.
  • To scan in black and white, select "Text" option. 


Your scanner device will start working and you see the progress on your computer screen. To cancel a process, just click Stop button.


Once scanning finished, click the Save button > select document format (PDF, JPEG, PNG) > name it > Save. Done!


If you save your result as PDF, you can open it up with PDF reader like Evince (Ubuntu) and Atril (Trisquel). Similar goes for JPEG/PNG, you can open it up with any photo viewer and editor like Image Viewer and GIMP.

Scan result on Ubuntu (a psychology book cover)

Scan result on Trisquel (my manuscript (pardon my handwriting))

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