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Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 16:55

Changing the rule to open a type of file with certain application is easy on Trisquel 8.0 operating system. You can particularly change the association of each file type (MP3, ZIP, etc.) with application you choose. Furthermore, you can also change your default browser, mail client, . First, for example, you want MP3 to be opened always with Rhythmbox instead of VLC (because by default it’s VLC): right-click on an MP3 file > Properties > Open With > select Rhythmbox from selection > close. 

Re-associate between filetype and the program

Second, if you want to change the default browser, for example you have alternatives between Abrowser and Midori (lightweight browser) and you want the latter instead, then go to desktop menu > Preferences > Preferred Applications > Internet tab > change Web browser: to Midori.

Find it on desktop menu

Switch between browsers available

Third, to change default mail client, for example you want to make default the latter between IceDove and Sylpheed Mail Client, go to the same settings and select Sylpheed from the selection:

Switch between mail clients available

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