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Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 23:30

You can easily re-associate between files and programs to open it on Ubuntu 18.04. Also, you can change the default web browser and mail client if you have the alternatives. For example, to open JPEG photo on Shotwell instead of Image Viewer. To do that: right-click on the file > Properties > Open With > select the program Shotwell available there > Set As Default. Now all JPEG photos will open on Shotwell.

Go to Open With > select the program

Then, if you have alternative browsers, let's take example between Mozilla Firefox and Epiphany Browser (GNOME Web), you can turn Epiphany Browser instead to be the default easily by going to main menu > Default Applications:

Changing default browser

Finally, if you also have alternative mail clients, for example between Mozilla Thunderbird and Claws Mail, you can turn Claws Mail to be the default one by the same menu:

Changing default mail client

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