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Friday, November 30, 2018 at 22:21

This is the 4th part of Trisquel 8 manual for beginners. It's continuation to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parts. Now, it's time to be productive: by examples, you will learn how to create colorful schedules (with Icedove), make a text document (with LibreOffice Writer), and edit a photo (with GIMP). I hope you can develop more creativity by trying these. Enjoy!

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1. Making Calendar Schedules

  • Click the '7' icon on top-left corner.
  • Select 'Month' tab.
  • You see a blank calendar of one month.
  • Create new calendar "Local" > select a color > OK. Repeat for other colors. Make sure you have some colors available.
  • Double-click a date > choose a calendar > give it a title > OK > a schedule with selected color created. Repeat for other schedules.

 (Next month calendar with some schedules in different colors)

2. Making Text Document

Basic things about making text document are two things: page format and paragraph format. Find them on menu bar Format > Page and Format > Paragraph.

Page format covers these:
  • Page type such as A4, A5, F4, Legal, Letter, etc.
  • Width & height
  • Orientation (portrait or landscape)

(See Format: A4, Width: and Height:, and Margins fields)

Paragraph format covers these:
  • Indentation
  • Line spacing such as single, double, 1.5, etc.
  • Drop caps
(See Indent First line: 3 cm and Line Spacing: Double)

Using those two formattings, we get this example using standard Lorem Ipsum dummy text: 

(Notice the surrounding margins, first-line indentation, and the double line-spacing)

3. Cropping a Picture

The most basic (but often needed) thing is cropping. Using built-in GIMP, this is very easy:
  • Right-click a picture > Open With GIMP > picture opened.
  • Press Shift+C
  • Drag and drop a rectangle area on the picture
  • Press Enter
  • Picture cropped.

(Resize the crop box by four small box on its corners)

End Words

That's all. By these basics, you can develop your creativity to make more. Enjoy Trisquel!

to be continued...

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