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Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 18:00

Here's five useful apps for Trisquel 9 Etiona you may want to know. Their functionalities are among Android pairing (you have a phone, right?), communication, virtual machine, easy password manager, and education so those can help you in daily computing. You can add them simply by using Synaptic Package Manager from the start menu. Okay, now let's check them out!

(You can make Trisquel 9 does a friendly video call with your phone!)

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    • Syncthing
    • Jami
    • Aqemu
    • KeePassXC
    • Stardict

Syncthing – Phone-Desktop File Sharing

Main article: Syncthing Guide
You might loved KDE Connect (like me) which successfully integrated Kubuntu computers with Android phones for many users. Not only that, even Mint Ulyana now includes Warpinator for same purpose. However, Etiona includes no such app. To achieve same ability with that, you can add Syncthing, a free software which is able to help you share files between your Trisquel computer and Android phone. Once installed, it does not exist on start menu but you must run it either from Terminal or simply from Alt+F2 then Abrowser will automatically show you the web user interface.

(Syncthing is a decent alternative to KDE Connect on Trisquel MATE | Picture: laptop is sharing files with a phone via user directory /home/master/Sync)

Jami – Telephony & Video Call

Main article: Trying GNU Jami

You might loved Skype or WhatsApp for telephony and video calls. However, Trisquel does not provide those nonfree software. Instead, Etiona gracefully brings the alternative, Jami, which is a user friendly video telephony with groups and conferences features. Unlike other solutions, uniquely Jami is serverless and phone-numberless. You find Jami under start menu > Internet > Jami with a blue icon.

(Left: Jami phone doing screen sharing as well as main camera broadcast | Right: Jami desktop doing screen sharing too by recording the session)

Aqemu – Virtual Machine

Main article: Aqemu Guide
You might loved how user friendly VirtualBox was or perhaps you liked VMWare more. However, Trisquel does not provide both software (which are considered nonfree). Instead, you can add the alternative, Aqemu, which is as user friendly as VB as we all knew. Once installed, you find Aqemu with a blue icon on the start menu.

 (Aqemu: Trisquel has its own user friendly VM that just works magically)

KeePassXC – Password Manager

Main article: KeePassXC Guide
You might be tired with remembering many passwords or feel restricted to create new accounts. That is because you do not use a password manager. Now you know the solution, just add KeePassXC, and use it properly to store your login secrets and also create new accounts with ease – because only you can open this application.

(KeePassXC example: my login secrets are easy enough to understand, right?)

StarDict – Dictionary on Computer

Main article: QStarDict Howto
Education at schools and universities is one of main purpose of Trisquel. For that reason, you can add one of the most important tools, StarDict, a dictionary to help students learn foreign language word by word. For example, in my country as I maintain a computer course, Indonesian students can learn English by clicking every word and the Indonesian translation appears on screen (and also reversely from Indonesian to English), without internet access. StarDict can also speak out loud English words so students may learn to pronounce word by word too! Fortunately, StarDict is a flexible tool so you as a teacher can add other languages (Deutsch, Spanish available) or simply create a new dictionary by yourself.


About Trisquel 9

Trisquel is a completely free computer operating system originated from Spain. Everyone can get Trisquel freely, gratis and with software freedom, by downloading from or just purchasing a Trisquel laptop from from Respects Your Freedom shops. Trisquel initially released 2005, and routinely releases by following its base, Ubuntu, a UK-originated operating system, and its 9th release has been released in 2020 with given name Etiona based on the solid long term supported Ubuntu Bionic. Trisquel 9 LTS Etiona is available in four editions namely Regular (MATE), Triskel (KDE), Mini (LXDE), and Education (Sugar). Aside from that, it supports both 32 and 64 bit Personal Computer architectures. Trisquel is one of GNU/Linux family in particular and part of Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) in general; so everyone is invited to join the development by contributing or help fund it by donating.

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