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We are pleased to welcome the long awaited Trisquel 9 LTS. This is the free computer operating system for everyone mostly suitable to replace Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS for daily purposes and server. Codenamed Etiona and based upon stable base Ubuntu 18.04, Trisquel, at Friday 16 October 2020, it announces availability for desktop and server plus for old and modern computers. The new big thing is that now it features a KDE edition called Triskel. This list delivers all the download links plus computer vendors where you can purchase PCs or laptops with Trisquel.  



About Editions

Trisquel 9 is available in four choices:

  1. Regular: the original edition with MATE Desktop Environment. It is the flagship so choose this if it is your first experience.
  2. Mini: the one for limited computers based on LXDE Desktop Environment. Choose this if you have low processor and memory.
  3. Sugar: the one for preschool children based on Sugar Desktop Environment. Choose this to play and learn with kids. 
  4. Triskel: the brand new edition with KDE Plasma Desktop – simple by default, powerful when needed. Choose this if you love Windows-like user interface and experience.

For Modern Computers (64 Bit)


A 64 bit computer is every computer produced after 2010 with 4GB memory or more and mostly includes UEFI technology. For instance, all computers coming with Windows 10 or running Ubuntu 20.04 are certainly 64 bit.

Regular Edition: download

Mini Edition: download

Sugar Edition: download

KDE Edition: download


For Old Computers (32 Bit)

An old computer is every PC or laptop produced before 2010 with less than 4GB memory and usually still using BIOS Legacy technology rather than UEFI. 

Regular Edition: download

Mini Edition: download

Sugar Edition: download

Triskel Edition: download




Official (United States) 

Equador (South America)

China (Asia)


Spain (Europe)

Sweden (Europe)



United States 

United States 

United States 




Downloading via BitTorrent way is much more faster for you and also benefits community. Trisquel Project encourages everyone to download this way instead of direct links above. Learn to download using torrent here.



You should verify every copy of image file you downloaded with their original identity issued by the developers called checksum so that you are sure it is ready and safe to use and not corrupted or tampered by somebody else. Learn here to do checksum verification.

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73ad701bd1bac32ce030c45f11c56fc99a52f9956b12120229c43cc7fbd45435  triskel_9.0_i686.iso
850834382996b4b4f4b457794874cf48a367d9b16389f6aef9bde1dfff8a5053  trisquel_8.0_amd64.iso
ff7fd63be01093f5da234534db107b22f84a00e7ac63732cbb73340e17e2c3da  trisquel_8.0_i686.iso
e92716ce6f0c1afb342de7150324c7cd20c442b841eabb3401a907e225da6c35  trisquel_8.0_sources.iso
8d14354dc66f3e8bf97c37d5a33218772e6fb66307faf9046b8936f7d9b8e3af  trisquel_9.0_amd64.iso
171173903fdc05083f28cb90750e0058a03b7d113b80e437a09a66f8abdc5e13  trisquel_9.0_i686.iso
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0d3821a465b30ca1de2436af0ab5e39f8eb92a64f5ebd8cd3c42f9a93284c0f7  trisquel-mini_8.0_amd64.iso
1948231d18f720f746d9acf35f39ced9bbf26eeaec8463e9801bf5a74639a7fa  trisquel-mini_8.0_i686.iso
3b28ee84be104314083099e0b2105ac2a40046c3ea1060d1e0a48d8bedcc9b3b  trisquel-mini_9.0_amd64.iso
aea4ef4ea70e9770f580a5da6d01c56259e58518106a2ed7919561330718883e  trisquel-mini_9.0_i686.iso
86454bf003888809ff2eb6f1332fccb89d6734099b1c347655e71c1154cc69d6  trisquel-netinst_8.0_amd64.iso
8a19ea7d12c7cd5202db419c359c113dd4f9ff7aeb900d4e1953cd82180cfc00  trisquel-netinst_8.0_i686.iso
fdf533a1daca8bbb6a93c3cb103b618b2260de00b4feb58c1f6e007c98420d46  trisquel-netinst_9.0_amd64.iso
a25246a7e4d7d7af36792e4a316b8776c5bc71a29688927cdf46ba261792a1f3  trisquel-netinst_9.0_i686.iso
bf041f48566dc8ae4e95d5c741e2a47596ea1316504bc23a54fd6c8bd2f8b12b  trisquel-sugar_8.0_amd64.iso
05492cd0685a70997fd96fd2a84dec81d25e353a3af060509f2dde23bd212d94  trisquel-sugar_8.0_i686.iso
4c574ffd0a9b4e516c4589f5227b09670109b5e908ba032dfa69d98a8eee2572  trisquel-sugar_9.0_amd64.iso
a053a674ca4029343d55ac045119240a1ed43394e0ee78398ff464761e397768  trisquel-sugar_9.0_i686.iso

Computer Vendors


Here's multinational vendors which ship PCs and laptops with GNU/Linux in general and Trisquel in particular either preinstalled or by order. We're excited to see these and happy to see more in the future.

  • ThinkPenguin (New Hampshire, US): see their workstations and laptops.
  • Technoethical (Romania, EU): see their ThinkPad laptops.
  • Minifree (UK, EU): see their ThinkPad laptops.
  • Vikings (Germany, EU): see their ThinkPad laptops.
  • Libiquity (New Jersey, US): see their Taurinus (ThinkPad) laptops.
  • Respects Your Freedom (Products Page): you can filter out categories and find hardware peripherals to live with completely free software systems.


Trisquel is a non-profit project that creates completely free software computer operating system with funds from donations and merchandises.  You can help develop Trisquel by donating (PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin) or purchasing goodies.

About Trisquel


Trisquel is GNU/Linux operating system that is completely Free Software. It means it is clean from any software that is not free, unlike most distros, especially in its kernel and repositories. Started 2005 in Europe, Trisquel is a long living distribution with official endorsement from Free Software Foundation and also the OS powering all laptops sold under Respects Your Freedom. It has an active discussion forum that is very good to start learning software freedom as well as using Trisquel daily for everyone. Finally, Ubuntu Buzz has reviewed earlier release as Successful Freedom back in 2018. 

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