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Tuesday, December 29, 2020 at 23:51

Trisquel is a fully free computer operating system while Jami is a complete cross platform communication app. Following the release of the latest OS version 9 codenamed Etiona, and the latest version of the communication app codenamed Together, now I want to explain my experiments with Jami by using my laptop and phone altogether. The results are it works with calls, for both usual audio and also video; can do two ways of share screen; text chats and file sharing also works, with some important notes. Thanks to Trisquel Developers, now using Jami is much more easier than ever. Now let's go chatting!


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Get Trisquel Operating System

Trisquel 9 includes Jami! Hence I use Trisquel on my computer to try Jami. For you, there are options:

  • 1st option: Download it. Available in 32 and 64 bit types, between KDE - MATE - LXDE editions to choose.
  • 2rd option: Alternatively, you can install Jami anyway in any existing operating system you have.

Important Note: for you software freedom seeker, now you can buy a Trisquel laptop from Respects Your Freedom stores that works perfectly without nonfree software.

Get Jami

As far as I know, other than Trisquel 9, no other operating system at the moment includes Jami built-in (neither other modern instant messenger such as Telegram or Signal). However, the available one in Trisquel 9 is an old version, and you can grab the latest version from website by choosing the Trisquel version.

Get Jami on Android

First grab F-Droid app for your Android Phone. Second, instal Jami from the F-Droid. That's all, now you have Jami also on your mobile device. 

Create Your Jami Accounts

To try jami, I suggest you to create two accounts on laptop and phone separately.

On laptop:

This is the first account.

  • Run Jami.
  • Click Create a new account. 
  • Enter a display name for this laptop account.
  • Enter a username that will be recognized by others.
  • Continue and finish.
  • Jami is ready.

On phone:

This is a second account.

  • Run Jami.
  • Tap Create a Jami account.
  • Enter a username that will be recognized by others, continue.
  • Without creating a password, continue.
  • Enter a display name for this phone account, continue.
  • Jami is ready.

Start Communication

Here's you can communicate using Jami just like my experiments. You can add friends, text chat, share files, share documents, voice call, video call, two way share screen, and more.

Add new friend:

On laptop, show your QR Code and using Jami on phone scan that. To do so, on phone, simply tap the QR Code logo then Scan Code then move your camera to laptop's screen. This is the quick way to add new friend between laptop and phone.

(Edited photos: depicting Jami Phone tries to scan Jami Desktop's qr code)

Text Chatting: 

 (Jami Desktop: chatting and sending a photo to Jami Phone)

(Jami Phone: multiple screenshots: chatting and sending a voice recording to Jami Desktop)

Share files:

To send: on Jami Desktop, simply drag and drop files from your file manager. On Jami Phone, simply tap triple dot button > Send File > File Manager > select a file > tap check mark button > file sent.

To receive: simply right-click a file and Save File As then it is stored in your personal folder Downloads. On phone, it is also stored in Downloads.

Voice call:

Click phone button and just wait for your friend to answer. 
Video call / share screen:
First push the video (camera) button > wait for your friend to answer > video call connected > right-click > Share Monitor > screen shared. On phone: you can video or share screen call too, no differences except you can switch front / back camera with camera button (located lowest on screen). This means a lot! It means, Jami can do two ways screen sharing (and even from phone) just like Jitsi plus you can use this with phone to record a live streaming with your main camera. To me, this is a great feature for teaching as an excellent alternative to the free software Jitsi (I use it everyday) as apparently this feature is already usable right now.

Group voice / video call:

When running a video call with another person, simply add more contacts, and go.


Good news, Jami is already usable right now! It is amazing to see a serverless solution with full featured file sharing + video call + screen sharing that works fast for me. I hope everyone now can try Jami by reading this article of mine.

That's all. Happy chatting!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.