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Monday, December 28, 2020 at 22:35

Don't worry, you can run Trisquel laptop to access wifi internet. If you worry about wifi device being disabled due to proprietary software, you can still take advantages of existing tools you already have such as phone or portable mifi. This article is an expansion to Trisquel Friendly Guide II (published two years ago) especially to help users who find their laptop wifi hardware not working with Trisquel. Enjoy internet!

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This article assumes your Trisquel laptop won't work with wifi. So it tries to give you solutions to this issue by using existing tools you already have which is phone or mifi.

Trisquel at home

If your Trisquel laptop cannot access wifi directly, you can still do so, as long as you have internet access with a mifi device or your Android / iOS phone. 

  • Using mifi device: make sure your mifi is connected to the internet -> plug a USB cable between mifi and laptop -> laptop connected to the internet.
  • Using phone: make sure your phone is connected to the internet -> plug a USB cable between phone and laptop -> enable USB Tethering on Android or iOS system on phone -> laptop connected to the internet. 

(An example of my own Huawei Mobile Wifi)


Trisquel at public wifi

You can still connect to public hotspots such as coffee shops or town parks by taking advantage of your phone. The route is: laptop -> usb tethering -> phone -> public wifi -> internet. To do so, first connect your phone to the wifi, then make sure your phone got internet access,  and finally do USB tethering to your Trisquel laptop. This way, you can still access a wifi even though your laptop internally cannot.

I use this trick at a coffee shop I often go to and it works well. For example, aside from browsing, I can even do telephony and video calls using GNU Jami.

Up to this point, now you should find your Trisquel laptop enabled to install more applications, surf the internet, send emails, and everything.

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.