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Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 21:34

As I have stated many times in this blog, having password manager application is important for everyone using computer nowadays. Now it is a simple tutorial to begin using KeePassXC, a libre software to keep your passwords, identities, and secrets safely so that can access them all by a single master password only you know whenever you forget. Thanks to this app we can make passwords as secure as we want without the burden to remember any of them. Now let's start learning!
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Get KeePassXC

Note: KeePassXC as appimage is a portable version for GNU/Linux you can learn here to run it. For Android, it is 'KeePassDX' a mobile app which is compatible with but not developed by KeePassXC.


Final results should look like my password manager below. 

With this, I keep many online accounts in it safely I can look into at any time so the good news is I do not need to remember any of them anymore.

First Step

In the beginning, you create a new database with a password you decide. That is master password. Nobody can access passwords you store unless you who know the master password. After making one, exit the app.
  • 1) Create a new database and continue.
  • 2) Give the database name as you wish and continue.
  • 3) Let the encryption options as is and continue.
  • 4) Type master password you wish and repeat same password under it and continue.
  • 5) Save the database file (.kdbx) in a nearby folder for example ~/Documents and finish.

Open and Close The App

To make you accustomed to it, first, run the app and then, enter your master password. Now you see it is empty means ready for you to fill it. Instructions below are examples easy for you to follow to start keeping your credentials here.

Store Your Secret

  • Username:
  • Password: 1234567890
Suppose one account you have consisted of pair above. Then for example you make new entry like these in the app:
  • 1) Go to menu Entries > New
  • 2) Fill Title: My Gmail Account
  • 3) Fill Username:
  • 4) Fill Password: 1234567890
  • 5) Repeat Password: 1234567890
  • 6) Fill URL:
  • 7) Click OK

Look A Password

Suppose you forgot one password. Suppose it is Gmail's. To see the password you kept, open the app and enter the master password and select the entry (Gmail here) and go to menu Entries > Edit  and click the eye button to see the password and click it again to hide it.

Useful Tips

  • Don't let anyone know your master password.
  • Make sure you never lose your database file e.g. Passwords.kdbx as you can make backup of it to external storages.
  • Use Notes section in every entry to write down important information such as terms of service, sale discounts, or anything else.
  • Go to menu Database > Recent to access your latest opened database.


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.