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Friday, October 2, 2020 at 07:52

FreeTube app is easy to install on Ubuntu computer. Download the program file (AppImage) and run it right away. You do not need complicated ways and commands at all. Here is the step by step tutorial with pictures for everyone who wants to run it. Enjoy!

(All apps are now simple to run thanks to AppImage technology)

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1. Download App

First, get the AppImage file of the application. For FreeTube, visit the website and obtain the file named FreeTube-0.7.3.AppImage or so by about more than fifty megabytes size.

2. Give Permission

Second, give permission 'Allow executing file as program' by doing right-click on appimage file then select Properties then select Permissions.


3. Run Program

Third, double-click the appimage file the program runs. Easy! 
To run the program next time, simply do this third step again.

About FreeTube

It is libre cross platform YouTube desktop app. With FreeTube, you can watch and download YouTube videos free from ads, proprietary javascript, and online tracking. It is available for all major operating systems GNU/Linux, Windows, and macOS. For GNU/Linux, it is available also as portable application also known as AppImage. Visit GitHub to join its development.

About AppImage

AppImage is like exe (Windows) or dmg (macOS) or apk (Android) that is application file format that is easy to run by computer user. Once you get the file, you can install it, or keep it, or share it with your friends quickly. Any application that is available in this format is portable, simply double-click to run it on GNU/Linux operating systems no matter what the distro is. AppImage technology is already around us for fifteen years old or more. That's why and fortunately many major Free Software are now available in portable versions say LibreOffice, Krita and KeePassXC. Visit to learn more.

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