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Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 15:15

With KDE Connect, a program available both for GNU/Linux & Android, you can transfer files between Kubuntu laptop and Android smartphone via WLAN. No hassle, no difficult MTP config, you just do pairing and go. This simple article is applicable to any other distro using KDE Plasma 5 such as Neon, openSUSE, KaOS, Netrunner, and so on. However, this article itself is written on Neon OS. Be happy with KDE Connect!

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Have KDE Connect

First step: you should install KDE Connect on both desktop and phone.

  • On Kubuntu:  $ sudo apt-get install kdeconnect
  • On Android: install KDE Connect from F-Droid or PlayStore

KDE Connect entry on F-Droid


Second step: pair both desktop and phone via WLAN.

  • On phone, turn on a WLAN hotspot.
  • On desktop, connect to the hotspot.
  • On desktop again, go to KDE Connect Settings > choose the phone name/refresh until you can see it > click Pair button. 
  • On phone again, accept the Pairing Request arrived.
  • Now the both desktop and phone have been paired.

Send Files Kubuntu to Android

Open Dolphin File Manager, select your phone name on bottom-left panel > browse its folders. Now copy some files from Kubuntu and paste them to the Android folder being accessed. Yes, once both devices paired, it's as simple as that!

Send Files Android to Kubuntu

On your phone, run KDE Connect > select your computer name (something like 'username@localhost') > tap 'Send Files' button > choose a file with your Android file manager > tap 'Pick File' button > the file being sent > file received on Kubuntu desktop.

Browse Files from Kubuntu

Just the same as transferring before, you just need to open Dolphin and access your phone on bottom-left panel.