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Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 16:52

Here you find summary all our works on Ubuntu 20.04 from Download Links to Installation Guide from Reviews to Apps Recommendations plus Beginner's Guide in one place. For us facing pandemic right now, there is even Corona Kit to help remote works with only Free Software. This summary also covers six Official Flavors from Kubuntu to Ubuntu Budgie. For everyone who wants to know Focal Fossa this summary is really for you. Enjoy!

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Table of Contents

  • Downloads
  • Installation Guide
  • Beginner's Guide
  • Memory Comparison
  • Reviews
  • PPA List
  • Corona Kit
  • Security and Privacy Tools


Ubuntu comes with its six official variants from Kubuntu to Ubuntu Budgie.

Installation Guide

This complete installation guide is for you to get Ubuntu into your computer or laptop. This guide explains in both methods you may choose either single or dual booting either into standard or external storage drive.

Beginner's Guide

Of course there is a complete guide for newbies to start computer with Ubuntu 20.04 covering the very first step in obtaining it until the more advanced step like operating the operating system.

Memory Comparison

At the moment Kubuntu and Lubuntu are two the most low resource variants of the official Ubuntu family.


Our own review on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS just works divided into three parts.
  • Preamble - it is all between Hardy Heron and Focal Fossa.
  • Panorama - part I talks about everything visible including desktop, colors and so on.
  • Power - part II talks about everything
  • Life - part III talks about applications and real life use that concludes everything just works with Focal Fossa.

PPA List

As we traditionally make PPA List for many releases we also make one for Focal Fossa.

Corona Kit

Here you will be introduced to solutions namely Jitsi, Telegram, and (Element now) among others to support your remote schoolings and jobs.

Security and Privacy Apps

This beginners oriented website does not forget the importance of security and privacy so these articles remind you to use must-have things like KeePass Password Safe and DNSCrypt network protect starting from the easiest one.

Happy working!

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