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Monday, August 24, 2020 at 22:43

This last part of Ubuntu 20.04 review conveys the use for real world life purposes. If the first part talks about panorama, second talks about power, then this part speaks about life. Ubuntu Focal Fossa empowers my old laptop for everything routine smoothly including browsing folders, viewing pictures, editing documents, and playing videos without any hardware problem so I felt very satisfied. I report to everyone in computing you can happily use Ubuntu right away. Enjoy!

(My student uses 20.04 to learn Ubuntu starting from the beginning)
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Works like browsing folders, playing audio video, viewing documents, and web browsing work like a charm. Running Focal for quite few months now all from a flash drive satisfied me a lot I found it is smooth for most users' daily routine purposes. I find all my hardware works as I want without glitch from battery, wifi, video card, to sound and headphones.

(My file manager shows my activities with documents, presentations, and pictures as my daily routines which are no different to yours and most computer users)


I can use apps I know no problem. I can get Free Libre Open Source Software very quickly and easily. Works like editing documents, making ebooks (pdf), chatting and instant messaging, compress and extracting archive files, all fulfilled easily with preinstalled apps. More apps can be installed using Ubuntu Software the one with orange logo. What's more to add good news is that this version is a Long Term Support also known as LTS which will be supported officially for five years until 2025.

(Traditional and brand new apps work beautifully which among them Nautilus file manager, Telegram, Ubuntu Software, and Element Messenger)


I teach GNU/Linux. I open video call classes with Jitsi and Telegram for my people in Indonesia. I witness Ubuntu 20.04 is flawless for this purpose. I run video call in Firefox browser (so do my students), create and view the learning books in LibreOffice Writer, read the ebook in Evince pdf reader, browse files with Files file manager, and share files in Telegram. I have routine schedules every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday where I found Ubuntu helps and comforts me very much. See picture below as one souvenir from my experience and don't get surprised as the video call is indeed perfectly usable just by using web browser. I am the happiest to tell this to you.

(Online course activities where students learn to edit documents and create pdf ebook tidily of course with LibreOffice The Ubuntu Office Suite)


I am surprised Focal got so satisfying and is now incredibly comfortable to use. It is indeed still one gigabyte idle but it runs like nothing on the way. So let's use Ubuntu. Let's pass it on to friends. Let's celebrate Focal Fossa. Let's share Ubuntu more than ever. Finally, I hope you enjoy my review. Congratulations to Ubuntu Developers and Free Libre Open Source Software community!

Specifications used in this whole review:
  • Acer Aspire One 756
  • Intel Pentium processor
  • 6GB memory
  • Intel HD Graphics video card
  • Broadcom BCM4313 wifi
  • SanDisk 16GB usb flash drive with EXT2 filesystem as hard disk

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