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Friday, August 21, 2020 at 19:54

Expanding my previous memory comparisons, now I present you Ubuntu Focal Fossa, Mint Ulyana, and Fedora 32 the three most famous operating systems which are always in top ten Distrowatch rank and released just recently in 2020. In the same time I compare respectively two desktop environments loved by the community namely GNOME and Cinnamon. All pictures above are in full size so simply click one to view it bigger. I hope this helps everyone choosing right distro and right desktop environment from many choices of GNU/Linux. Enjoy!


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Ubuntu 20.04


It is as you might saw previously around 1GiB in the first three logins after fresh installation. It was released April 2020.

Linux Mint Ulyana


When Mint is mentioned without any additional name, it means the flagship edition Cinnamon. It was released June 2020.

Fedora 32


It is on par with Ubuntu running around 900MiB up to 1 GiB. It was also released April 2020.

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