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Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 20:13

Ubuntu 21.10, the latest release of the most popular desktop operating system from the GNU/Linux community, has been released this October and you perhaps have the system already on your computer. Once installed, you might want to know what to do after that for your daily purposes, with several configurations, additional apps and games. Enjoy Ubuntu computing!



  • Ubuntu Intro
  • System Check
  • User Setup
  • Update
  • LibreOffice
  • Applications Recommendation
  • Games Recommendation
  • Browser Setup
  • Email Setup
  • Printer & Scanner Setup
  • I Want to Master Ubuntu!


Ubuntu Intro

Your Ubuntu version is 21.10, codenamed Impish Indri, released in the year 2021 the month 10. Your system components are, among the others, GNOME user interface, Wayland graphics platform, Firefox web browser, LibreOffice document editor, and Snap software store.

System Check

Open Activities Menu → type "about" without quotes → About System will be displayed → click About → your system specifications will open. 

Open Disks from the Activities Menu → your disk storage information displayed. For example, you may check the internal hard disk drive's partitions or see which one is the Windows partition (if you are dualbooting).

Open System Monitor → your active programs information displayed → your graphs of system resources utilization can be displayed under Resources tab.

User and Disk Storage Setup

Want to change your user's password or avatar? Open System Settings → Users → Unlock → enter your password → click the profile picture to change the avatar → click the Password section to change it to a new one.

It is better to automount disk partitions so manual clicks will be unnecessary anymore for your personal use. To do so, follow this Automount Guide.

It is also better to rename every unnamed disk partition so they will appear clearly on your file manager. Follow section 5. Rename a Partition in this Disk Utility Quick Guide.


Open Software Updater from the Activities Menu → let it download necessary information → updates list will be displayed → click Update to update Ubuntu. 

Note: on the contrary, if you live with limited internet access e.g. expensive data price and want instead to disable automatic updates, click your currently connecting network → More Settings → click the Gear → give check mark to Metered connection only. 


User Interface Adjustments

Do you deploy Ubuntu for older people? It is often useful if you adjust the font size and/or decrease the display resolution. 

To adjust font size, run System Settings → Accessibility → click Large Large → system font size adjusted. This kind of display is very important to many older people and friends with impaired vision.

To adjust display resolution, on Settings go to Displays → click Resolution → select one lower option e.g. 1024x768 → Keep Changes → resolution adjusted.


Want to learn LibreOffice with ease? You can start from our LibreOffice Guide The Series and practice chapter by chapter.

Want its modern user interface? To turn the modern UI on, click menu View > User Interface > select Tabbed > modern user interface activated. 

Applications Recommendation

Need specific-purpose applications? Ubuntu got them for you and here's several of them you can grab from Ubuntu Software. To install one, open Software from the Activities Menu → type a name of application or its description → click Install → the application is installed.

  • Telegram - the fast and FOSS messenger of hundreds of millions of people.
  • OBS Studio - a professional screen recording, livestreaming and broadcasting tool.
  • Shotcut -  a very good video editor.
  • Filezilla - an FTP client used by many people working with server and website.
  • Blender - the world-class 3D animation maker.


Games Recommendation

Want to play video games? On Ubuntu there are amusing and educational games you can play together with kids or play with friends and colleagues. Here's several titles:

  • 0 A.D. - an RTS of ancient warfare with Age of Empires-like look and feel with beautiful graphics and water effects. Can be played multiplayer too.
  • Red Eclipse - a 3D single/multiplayer shooting game with amazing graphics and weapons. Can be played offline.
  • Flare - a full fledged RPG with Diablo-like look and feel and is amusing to play alone.
  • SuperTuxKart - a 3D racing game with cute characters you can play dual-player with kids. See our overview.
  • TuxMath - an education game your kids can learn by playing. Suggestion for you, you can just play the game while your kids try to answer the questions verbally.
  • TuxTyping - an education game to train keyboard typing skill for all ages.

Browser Setup

Firefox is Ubuntu web browser. For starter, you might want to enhance several things for better browser experience.


Email and Online Accounts Setup

To setup Thunderbird with Gmail, follow this guide. With another email brands, you can follow Mailo Guide or Disroot Guide.

As an example, if you want your file manager to access read-and-write your online storage like Nextcloud, then you can follow this Nextcloud Guide.

Printer and Scanner Setup

Have a printer or scanner to work with your Ubuntu computer? Follow here the Printing Guide and the Scanning Guide. We recommend the plug-and-play Canon MP160 printer-scanner device if you want to purchase one and a fine secondhand is also recommended.

Want to buy a working printer or scanner for Ubuntu? You cannot buy one without knowledge, but get the ones proven to be compatible with GNU/Linux. Visit database to find compatible printers and scanners then buy the one you find suitable to your needs.


Source: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)
A fully Ubuntu compatible printer-scanner-photocopy device


I Want To Master Ubuntu

Finally, if you are serious to learn Ubuntu for your computing, urther you can learn Ubuntu Full Guide slowly chapter by chapter. Good luck!


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.