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Sunday, July 11, 2021 at 14:52

Ubuntu computer can be used to play with your kids! SuperTuxKart is one game among games available that is very fun and amusing to be played with 2 players on 1 computer. You can play side by side only with existing keyboard even without additional joy sticks. Vroom, vroom, let's play!

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Install SuperTuxKart

On Ubuntu you can get it by doing command in Terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install supertuxkart


Run the Game

Find the game on your menu by name SuperTuxKart with the logo of a penguin driving a red car.


The Basics

For 1st player, the movement keys are ARROWS Up, Left, Down, Right and the select key is Enter.

For 2nd player, the movement keys are LETTERS W, A, S, D and the select key is 0. This is what we want to configure below.


Initial Configuration

In order to play with 2 players, you must have two usernames, two different keyboard setups, and enable Vertical split. Player 1 is already existed so we just need to create player 2 username. This way, you can play it together with your existing keyboard. 


To create player 2:

1. Go to Options. 

2. Go to Players. 

3. Click Add. 

4. Select Offline Accounts. 

5. Type name like "krita" or "puff" under Local Name. This will be player 2.

6. Click OK. 

For example, on my computer, player 1 is "penguin" and player 2 is "fox".

To create player 2's keyboard:

1. Go to Options. 

2. Go to Controls.

3. Initially, there is only one device, that is Keyboard 1. 

4. Click Add Device. 

5. Click Add Keyboard Configuration. 

6. Now a new device "Keyboard 2" displayed. 

7. Double click Keyboard 2 to see its list of keys.

8. A list of keys consisted of two parts, Game Keys and Menu Keys, opened.

9. These are the keys and what you should set:

  • Steer Left = A
  • Steer Right = D
  • Accelerate = W
  • Brake = S
  • Up = W
  • Down = S
  • Left = A
  • Right = D
  • Select = 0  

10. Click Back to device list. 

To enable vertical split:

1. Go to Options.

2. Go to Interface. 

3. Change "Horizontal" to "Vertical" before Splitscreen Multiplayer Layout.

4. Go back to the front page.  

At this point, you have Keyboard 1 for player 1 and Keyboard 2 for player 2.


Play Together

Now let's start the game. We want left screen for player 2, and right screen for player 1.

1. Go back to the front page of the game.

2. Select Splitscreen Multiplayer.

 3. You will be greeted with "Choose a Kart" and "Press the 'Select' button' messages. 

4. First is player 2, so press 0 > select username "fox" > select character brown Fox aka Wilber > press 0 > player 2 is ready. 

5. Second is player 1, so press Enter > select username "penguin" > select character penguin aka Tux > press Enter.

6. Select mode and track as you wish. 

7. Play!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.