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Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 23:59

This tutorial explains step by step to sync a desktop email client to Mailo Email Account. Mailo is a new email service alternative to Gmail that promises ethical online service with free accounts. The program here is Mozilla Thunderbird that is preloaded on Ubuntu and the select method is IMAP. This way you can read write your emails in multiple devices without worrying about storage space. Enjoy!

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1. Signup Mailo

Go to registration page It offers gratis accounts and you can signup comfortably without google recaptcha nor nonfree javascript. If you already signed up, go to next step.

2. Run Thunderbird

First time running it should looks empty like this. Now you should be online i.e. have internet access.

2. Insert Account Info

Enter your Mailo email address and password and then click Continue.

Once you clicked Continue, program will automatically try to recognize service so select IMAP rather than POP and click Manual Config and then go to next step.

3. Edit SMTP and IMAP Info

Click Manual Config and don't worry, just fill two necessary information that are the URL addresses and port numbers. See example below.
  • 1) Incoming=IMAP,, port=993, SSL=SSL/TLS
  • 2) Outgoing=SMTP,, port=465, SSL=SSL/TLS

Fill everything like information above and picture below. To make it sure, see next picture below it too.

Web browser:
Login to your account and see all SMTP/IMAP details by going to Settings > Sychronization > Protocol > IMAP > Configuration.

4. Finish

Congratulations! Now you can send and receive emails on your computer and laptop through Thunderbird.

Try Mailing

I send an email to my primary mail a Gmail one from Thunderbird and it works. I wish you find it works too!

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