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Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 07:09

Do you remember Invidious Everywhere? Since early September is unfortunately officially closed and the Invidious web software development is now seeking for new maintainer. Thank you Omarroth for this incredibly good YouTube front end for your hard works help people and me truly a lot for these years. However, there is a good news, it is CloudTube now an alternative to Invidious so we can watch YouTube right in the web browser without being tracked nor running nonfree javascript. Watch for example Introducing GNOME Orbis that was published lately. Thanks to Trisquel Forum's discussion, I discovered it as soon as I found Invidious for some reason do not work for me anymore. Don't miss invaluable info here and here as well. Now everybody capable can consider to host CloudTube or join the development using Python programming language or help fund by donating.

Let's enjoy CloudTube!

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