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Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 22:11

The professional free graphic design software Inkscape released version 1.0 few moments ago for all computer operating systems. Now Ubuntu users ask how to install it on Ubuntu and also on other GNU/Linux distros. Fortunately, we have a standard way to install it, and alternatively you can choose other method as you wish including portable and the 32-bit architecture versions. For all users in general I recommend more to try the AppImage version as it is the easiest one. Enjoy!

(Focal Fossa with Inkscape version 1.0)
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Standard Way

Default method is the standard way namely either Software Center or Apt-get.You cannot get it from official repository right now, unfortunately, but fortunately you can get it from third-party PPA.

  • Ubuntu versions supported: 10.04 up to 18.04, 20.04, 20.10
  • Download Inkscape: do the command lines[1] > finish it > run it by command line[2] > enjoy
  • Size: <=100MB
  • Webpage: Launchpad

$ sudo add-apt-repository
$ sudo apt-get install inkscape
$ inkscape
(Ubuntu Software center can help you install it easily if you do not like using Terminal)


An executable file for GNU/Linux. To get Inkscape in portable format, download the appimage formatted file and double-click it on Ubuntu it runs. Same file can be shared with other distros and they will run.

  • Ubuntu versions supported: any
  • Download: get the appimage file from website > right-click > Properties > Permissions > enable Allow Execution > OK > double-click > it runs
  • Download size: 90MB 
  • Webpage: Official


Alternative way, invented by GNOME and Red Hat to unite all diverse distributions. It requires your distro to have flatpak as a runtime. Ubuntu does not support Flatpak by default. It does not support 32 bit architecture.

  • Ubuntu versions supported: any
  • Download links: do the command line[1] > answer every question with y > finish it > run it by command line[2] > enjoy
  • Size: 400MB
  • Webpage: Flathub
$ flatpak install inkscape
$ flatpak run org.inkscape.Inkscape


Alternative way, invented by Ubuntu to unite all diverse distributions. It requires your distro to have snapd as a runtime. Ubuntu supports Snap by default. It is the only one that still supports 32-bit architecture today.

  • Ubuntu versions supported: any, and 32-bit arch supported
  • Download Inkscape: do the command line[1] > enter your password > finish it > run it by command[2] > enjoy
  • Download size: 140MB
  • Webpage: Snapcraft
$ snap install inkcape

$ snap run inkscape

Happy drawing!

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