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Sunday, December 20, 2020 at 21:59

This tutorial explains how to integrate your GNU/Linux Mint computer with Nextcloud online storage service. The file manager used is Nemo and the service chosen is Operation Tulip (which I have reviewed). We will connect Nemo File Manager with Nextcloud, send some files, and then compare both storages via web browser.  Enjoy!

(Nemo and Nextcloud used peacefully in my Mint laptop)

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  • A Nextcloud online storage account. Create one at Operation Tulip if you don't have one.
  • Nemo, the file manager of Mint Cinnamon Edition.
  • Internet access.
  • KeePassXC password manager (suggested).



Open Online Accounts from the start menu.

Select Nextcloud among other options.

Insert your Operation Tulip login secrets:

  • Server addres:
  • Username: your username
  • Password: your password

Click Connect button and wait for establishment.

Connected! Now your computer is connected to the Nextcloud online storage.

Make sure to enable Files option. Now see Nemo file manager. as your Nextcloud storage becomes a drive under Network section. 

Tip: if you forgot your passwords, peek into your KeePassXC


File Management

You can do copying, moving, making new files and folders into the new drive on the Nextcloud using your favorite Nemo file manager. Please remember that accessing or copying files in this drive requires internet connection.


Copying files: Select a file > right-click > Copy > go to your Operation Tulip drive > right-click > Paste > file copied to your Nextcloud storage. 

Moving files: Same as copying but use Cut instead of Copy option.

Delete files: Open your Operation Tulip drive first > select a file > right-click > Delete > file deleted on your Nextcloud storage. 

Compare Side by Side

Nextcloud technology helps us sync. Thus, as we now have integrated our Nemo with Operation Tulip, we should see whatever exists in Nemo exists too in the Nextcloud. Picture below shows an example of my Nemo on left and my Nextcloud (Operation Tulip) on right.

Want Automatic File Sync?

Go ahead to the installation of Nextcloud Desktop. It is available in Mint too. By using this aside from your Nemo, your files will be automatically sent to the Nextcloud server (Operation Tulip in this example) hands-free. Follow recent tutorial to do so.

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