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Sunday, December 20, 2020 at 23:51

Continuing my backup series after Syncthing and Operation Tulip, now we try to sync Ubuntu backup tool DejaDup with Nextcloud online storage. Thanks to this collaboration, we can automatically send newly saved photos or screenshots in Picture folder to our online storage. This simple tutorial explains how to do so.

 (Mint, an Ubuntu based system, does DejaDup backup easily to Nextcloud)

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  • A Nextcloud account. Create one at Operation Tulip if you do not have one.
  • The webdav address from your Nextcloud account (explained below).
  • DejaDup program installed. It is already preinstalled on Ubuntu (and also Trisquel).
  • Internet access. 



  • Run DejaDup Backup from start menu.
  • Open Folders to save section > add Pictures folder from your Home*. 
  • Open Storage location section > select Network from the selections.
  • Insert your webdav address** by replacing https:// with davs:// in the Network location box***.
  • Insert a new folder name in the Folder input box.
  • Open Scheduling section > make sure Automatic backup checked > Every = week > Keep = forever.
  • Setup finished.

*) This is an example. Of course you are free to select other folder as you wish.
**) Your webdav address is located in your Operation Tulip, specifically on the bottom of the left panel. 

***) Here's the example of inserting webdav address for Operation Tulip:

If you use Nextcloud service other than Operation Tulip, the method should be the same.

Start Backup

Open Overview section > click Back up now > backup process started. Next time, this backup will be done automatically without your intervention. Happy backing up!


To restore from a backup, run DejaDup once again, and click Restore. This will download everything that had been backed up and make everything feels at home again in the target folder. Happy restoring!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.