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Wednesday, December 23, 2020 at 23:59

Try Session! This new Australia based messenger is like a combination of Signal security and Tor anonymity and BitCoin network plus requiring no phone number. It's available for both your desktop and phone platforms. Interesting, right? So now this tutorial will show you how to have Session in both devices Ubuntu desktop and Android phone. 


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1. Session Setup for Ubuntu

  • Go to
  • Click Download Desktop.
  • Select Linux option. 
  • You downloaded Session's AppImage file.
  • Run the file then Session Desktop app runs.
  • It's ready to go. 

2. Session Setup for Android

  • Go to
  • Click Download Mobile. 
  • Select APK option instead of "Android".
  • You downloaded Session's APK file.
  • Tap the APK file then install it then Session Mobile installed.
  • Run Session.
  • It's ready to go.

3. Make Session Account for Android

Start by your Android phone first.
  • At first launch, this is your first Session screen*).
  • Tap Create Session ID.
  • You will see a line of random numbers.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Enter a desired name. Tap continue.
  • Select Fast Mode between two notification options.
  • Tap Continue beside of You're almost finished 80% message.
  • Copy your recovery phrase.
  • Tap back button.
  • Your Session Mobile is ready.


4. Make Session Account for Ubuntu

Then start Session at your Ubuntu desktop.

  • At first launch, this is your Session Desktop*).
  • Under Create Account,click Create Session ID.
  • Enter a desired name, enter a password twice, then click Get started.
  • You got a unique number as your identity.
  • Account created and you see Session Desktop is now ready.


((*) First launch of Session Desktop app)

5. Start Communication

  • From your Ubuntu, show your QR Code by doing click your username then click its QR Code logo. 
  • From your Android, tap Start A Session (aka add a friend) > tap Scan QR Code > move your phone to scan your Ubuntu's screen QR Code > you got a new friend > your laptop account added in your phone. 
  • From Android, send a message to your laptop account.
  • From Ubuntu, reply that message. 
  • To send pictures and files, from Ubuntu, select multiple files and drag and drop them into a friend in Session Desktop. 
  • To do so in phone, from Android, chat with a friend and click upload button and select files and OK. 

(Session Mobile: texting, uploading pictures, and recording voice with Session Desktop)

(Session Desktop: replying and file sharing with Session Mobile)

6. Create Group 

Session allows you to make groups up to 20 members each. A Session group is encrypted end to end.

  • To create group, from Ubuntu, click New Closed Group button, give it a name, and add a member that is your Android account.
  • To add group members, first enter the group, then click Add Member button atop, then select people in your Session contacts > OK.

Dark Mode

Yes as the official website shows, Session has dark theme. On Android, tap your account > tap the moon button > dark theme enabled. On Ubuntu, click the moon button at left bottom corner. To revert back to light theme, simply tap the moon button once again.

 (It is so cool other messenger might be jealous)

What is Session?

"Session is an end-to-end encrypted messenger that removes sensitive metadata collection, and is designed for people who want privacy and freedom from any forms of surveillance." --

Session is free software licensed under GNU GPL available for your who use desktop (GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS) and phone (Android and iOS). You can share this with your friends.

Happy sharing!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.