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Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 16:39

Continuing the Operation Tulip intro, here's a beginner's guide to integrate Ubuntu desktop with Nextcloud. You will get a beautiful, free software application on your desktop that helps you sync files and folders you want to your Operation Tulip online storage. This way, multiple computers and phones you own can access & share same files. We will do this with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Let's enjoy sharing!

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Install Nextcloud Desktop

First thing to do is to obtain the required program which fortunately is available on Ubuntu since version 20.04 LTS:

$ sudo apt-get install nextcloud-desktop 


As a preparation, open Firefox web browser and login to your Operation Tulip. If you didn't have it yet, follow previous guide to create one.

Then start Nextcloud Desktop app and login with your Operation Tulip login secrets.

  • 1) Server address:
  • 2) Username: your username
  • 3) Password: your password
  • 4) Grant access via web browser that appears to ask you to login to Operation Tulip.
  • 5) Choose a folder in Ubuntu as a sync folder, choose also remote folder(s) from Operation Tulip to be downloaded (you can empty them to download nothing).
  • 5) Nextcloud Desktop is ready.

Start Sharing

You can now automatically upload files and folders you want to Operation Tulip online storage. Copy files into your sync folder then Nextcloud Desktop will magically send them all into Operation Tulip. This way, this also acts as backup of your data. (I recommend you to lock/encrypt your files before uploading them.) Green circle on system tray indicates that everything is uploaded successfully. That's all. 

Happy sharing!

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