Gamescaster is a front-end (graphical user interface) of open-source Framework "GLC". Gamecaster is able to record any games which uses ALSA for audio and OpenGL for drawing on the screen. The recorded video is in 'glc' format but Gamecaster can convert it into WebM format.

Gamecaster features:
  • Record high quality video of any Linux Games
  • Ability to record sound of the game
  • Easy-to-use, simply select the binary of the game to record or select from a list of installed games
  • Supports Ubuntu Indicator applet
  • Ability to convert recorded file (glc) into WebM so we can upload it to YouTube easily
  • We can change hotkey, video bit rate, and number of CPU threads

Install Gamecaster on Ubuntu
Ubuntu users can install Gamecaster easily by typing the following command:
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:niteshgupta16/gamecaster-stable
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install gamecaster
Gamecaster is created by Nitesh Gupta The application is still in alpha stage. So, don't expect too much and you might find many of bugs in it. If you want to report a bug or request a feature please refer to Gamecaster development page at Launchpad.

For additional information, below is the demo video of Gamecaster:

Regards :)