Hi readers! Today I'd like to write an old post on my Indonesian blog - TahuTEK.net - here. Although this is an old post, I think you can make use of it when you have a problem.

When you install application on Ubuntu, you may ever encounter this kind of error message:

"deluge-console : Depends: deluge-common (= 1.3.0-0ubuntu1) but 1.3.0-1~getdeb1 is to be installed"
The above error message appears when you have installed a newer version than the required dependencies. The error message tells that you have installed deluge-common version 1.3.0-1~getdeb1, but deluge-console (application you want to install) requires deluge-common version 1.3.0-0ubuntu1. The deluge common 1.3.0-1~getdeb1 can not be removed because one or many applications depend on it. So, how to resolve this problem? Well, you should downgrade the version of deluge-common to 1.3.0-0ubuntu1 so deluge-console can be installed and applications which require it still work (we hope :D).

To perform a downgrade action, simply type the following command:
  • sudo apt-get install deluge-common=1.3.0-0ubuntu1
Please change the command above to match your need.

Hope it helps :)