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Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 22:25

This is a collection of hard disk partitioning and maintenancing tutorials published by Ubuntu Buzz in several years. With these tutorials, you can learn how to create, format, reformat, rename, delete, resize, enlarge, shrink filesystems and partitions to digital storages including hard disk drives (HDDs), SSDs, flash drives, both internal or external. They are mostly graphical user interface (GUI) based, can be done easily in LiveCD mode, and are reasonably universal for everyone to practice in any operating system including Windows and macOS other than GNU/Linux. We discussed here tools we actually use mainly GParted, GNOME Disk Utility, KDE Partition Manager as well as other important utility like Testdisk and Unetbootin with one booting guide for ThinkPad our favorite laptop brand. We support both Legacy BIOS as well as UEFI booting methods and both MBR and GPT partitioning schemes. All in all, here's the compilation for you.

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GParted Hard Disk Partitioning Guide: the basics of GParted.

GParted How To Resize and Shrink Drive Partitions: specific tutorial for modifying size of disk partitions.

Basics of Ubuntu Disk Utility: the most standard skills set of formatting, deleting, making filesystems in a hard disk, SSD and usb flash drives done using GNOME Disk Utility.

Basics of KDE Partition Manager: simple guide for the Kubuntu disk utility.

Safely Convert MBR to GPT: how to convert a hard disk partition table from master boot record to GPT (mostly for uefi installation purpose) quickly and safely.

How To Format Hard Disk in UEFI/GPT Mode: how to format hard disk, SSD and usb drive for UEFI/GPT installation mode (often useful for dualbooting with Windows 8/10/11) using GNOME Disk Utility built-in Ubuntu LiveCD.

Formatting USB Flash Drive on Ubuntu: the easy guide.

Booting & Installation

ThinkPad Booting Guide for GNU/Linux: for both Legacy and UEFI.

Bootable Medium Making: a step by step tutorial of making a bootable medium of any operating systems out of each one's iso image including GNU/Linux, windows and mac OS and more. It is done from iso to disk.

ISO image file making: a step by step tutorial of making an ISO image file out of a bootable disk. It is the opposite to the previous tutorial.

Automount Disk Partitions like MS Windows: how to open all drives at startup so you don't have to do it repeatedly.




Care and Maintenance 

Data recovery: undelete files from formatted or even broken hard disk drives.

How To Make [C:] [D:] [E:] Drives like MS Windows: how to install Ubuntu with multiple disk drives like one always find in the past.




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