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Monday, June 20, 2022 at 18:48

When you need to create a table quickly, for whatever numeric data in it, you can always use RANDBETWEEN formula in LibreOffice Calc. We prepare this tutorial for Creating Charts next time. Now, let's learn how to below. 

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Create a blank table like below. It is a simple student scoring table with four subjects of math, English, science and social which each would score between 0 and 100 like at school. This is aligned with our tutorial LibreOffice Calc Formula The Series. Save the document as calc-random-data.ods.

Create Random Data

Step 1. Put cursor at B2. 

Step 2. Type the formula =RANDBETWEEN(0,100)

Step 3. As a result, you get a random score between zero and one hundred for ABI. This number will automatically changed randomly every time you made a change to another cell. 

Step 4. Repeat step 1-3 for all students on all subjects. 

Step 5. Alternatively, with mouse you can drag the cell's black handle horizontally, then drag it vertically also, to automatically distribute the formula from (ABI,MATH SCORE) to the rest of the table without manually typing each one of them.

Final Result

As a result, you will fill random scores quickly into student score table like below. This is useful for later purposes, for example, making charts and demonstrate how to do it.

Now you should be able to create random data quickly thanks to RANDBETWEEN formula in LibreOffice Calc. Next time, you will learn how to create charts by using this numeric data. See you!

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