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Friday, June 17, 2022 at 14:46

Deepin 20.6 released this June. This is the latest release of the Chinese-origin computer operating system that is beautiful, unique, easy to use, as well as Free Libre and Open Source Software. In this page you can download it with alternative links and checksums added for complete experience. 

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Download Deepin

Click here to get OS 20.6.


Alternative Download Mirrors

If you find the above download link slow, alternatively you can click one of mirror links below which is nearest to your place.


Ecuador [DOWNLOAD]

Indonesia [DOWNLOAD]



Germany [DOWNLOAD]

Ukraine [DOWNLOAD]

United Kingdom [DOWNLOAD]

United States [DOWNLOAD

Sourceforge [DOWNLOAD]



Alternative Download Torrents

If you want faster, more reliable download speed, then fire up your BitTorrent client program to download Deepin via one of torrents below. Don't have an idea about doing that? Follow Torrenting Guide section in our tutorial.






This is the official SHA256SUM of the operating system. In other words, you should check the ISO image file you downloaded to match exactly this checksum before using it; otherwise you should repair your download.

c6a2640c56448ebb5a31ae695a5d47a4669a613a0dfae726a2f0e79e7e3f5667  deepin-desktop-community-20.6-amd64.iso

Create Bootable Installer

In order to install Deepin 20.6 to your computer, you should make a Deepin bootable installer with either USB or DVD medium with >=4GB capacity. 

On Windows, read the tutorial.

On Ubuntu, read the tutorial.

On MacOS, read Apple MacOS section on Ubuntu tutorial above.

Installation Guide

With our Deepin Install Guide, you can install the operating system into a USB flash drive, in dualboot mode, no matter it is UEFI or BIOS based computer.


Happy downloading!

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