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Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 13:10

Continuing email beginner's guide, now we Ubuntu users who have Android can read our emails anywhere anytime in both devices. It's a wonderful experience. On computer we use Thunderbird, while on phone we use K-9, both are free software. This tutorial uses Disroot email account as example, thanks to its gratis IMAP feature. Now, let's go!

(Ubuntu and Android devices conveniently sharing emails)

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This tutorial is applicable to Disroot as well as Gmail, Yahoo!, Protonmail, Tutanota and other email services for computer and phone. For recommendations, consider to see here and see here.

1. Install Required App

Fortunately, Ubuntu users do not need to install anything anymore. But for Android users, you will install K-9 Email Client, it is available at free software center F-Droid.

(This is the free software K-9 Mail)

2. Setup Email on Thunderbird

You need to run Thunderbird following Disroot rules.

Create a new existing email account > setup email dialog appears > type your name > type your email address, such as mine > type your password > checkmark the 'remember password' option > click Continue > wait for Thunderbird checking up your setup > accept and continue > congratulations, you got your Email configured on your Ubuntu computer! For more detailed configs with pictures, see here.

Tip: make use of KeePassXC on Ubuntu so will never forget your own passwords.

3. Setup Email on K-9

You need to run K-9 following Disroot rules.

Run K-9 > welcome screen appears > tap Next > Incoming server settings: see picture below >  tap Next > Outgoing server settings: see picture below > tap Next > You're almost done!: give a name to this account (see picture) and go next > congratulations, you've got email on your phone.

(Picture: step by step to setup K-9 by example)
Tip: make use of KeePassDX on Android so it remembers your passwords for you. It's compatible with KeePassXC. Available at F-Droid.


4. Start Mailing

Now your inbox is readable in two devices, both your computer and phone, so every time new mails come you will get notified and can read them anywhere. You can send email everywhere to, either it is from computer or phone, it is no problem.

  • Thunderbird: select your Disroot account > click Write > write an email > send.
  • K-9: tap your Disroot account > tap Compose > write it > send.

 (Composing a new email with K-9 [left] and Thunderbird [right])

Closing Words & More Tips

Let's start good communication once again. Below is some useful tips you can read to enhance your emailing experience.

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Happy emailing!

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