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Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 17:29

Continuing LibreOffice Shortcuts poster, here's educational poster I made to spread LibreOffice's ODT - ODS - ODP to all people in all countries. These formats are known with the name Open Document Format and these are better than Microsoft's. The goal of this poster is to invite people to change their habits of saving as DOC - XLS - PPT formats into saving as ODT - ODS - ODP formats which are better. This poster is an English adaptation of my Indonesian version few years ago. I encourage you to place this on your schools, offices, websites, blogs, social media, and other places. You are free to adapt and share it with your own language. If you are curious, download LibreOffice application here for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux. Okay, now let's share once again!

Original version:

 Horizontal version:

Individual versions:

Open Document Text (Writer):

Open Document Spreadsheet (Calc):

Open Document Presentation (Impress):

Open Document Drawing (Draw):


Poster in PNG: opendocumentformat.png (300 dpi, 400 kilobytes)
Individuals in PNG: odt-writer (100 kilobytes) | ods-calc (100 KB) | odp-impress (100 KB) | odg-draw (100 KB)
Edit: opendocumentformat.svg (300 kilobytes) 
Comments: I created this poster with Inkscape free vector drawing program just like the LibreOffice Shortcuts poster.
License: I dedicate this poster design completely in Public Domain using CC0

More posters are coming...

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