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Monday, September 7, 2020 at 23:18

Great news for computer users as along with Ubuntu, this year MX also released a new version. The interesting point is that Ubuntu and MX are currently ranked number 4th and 1st respectively and thus among the big five of As a good news, MX still supports legacy thirty-two-bit computers with latest updates for you who cannot get that from latest Ubuntu. One more good news for us is that we can purchase computers with either of two today from vendors like Dell, Lenovo, and Star Labs. Continuing the previous short comparison reviews against Fedora and openSUSE, now this sums up Ubuntu and MX this year for you. Enjoy!

(Computer running MX displaying both Ubuntu's and MX's official homepages)
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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa

The leading operating system for PCs, IoT devices, servers and the cloud.

(Computer running Ubuntu Focal Fossa)

Download Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 20.04 also known as Focal Fossa is the eighth Long Term Support release of Ubuntu operating system. It is released this year two months before MX Patito Feo. It is offered in Desktop, Server, IoT, and Cloud editions. It comes with an easy LiveCD installer as always you can fully try before installation. However, it does not support thirty-two-bit computers anymore and demands considerably modern hardware. It is a very nice alternative to Windows Ten and macOS Big Sur.

MX GNU/Linux 19.2 Patito Feo

Midweight simple stable desktop OS.

(Computer running MX 19.2 Xfce edition)

Download MX 19.2

MX is a Debian family desktop operating system for everyone. It is a solid mix between Mepis and antiX distributions - so you will see a lot of MX discussions across the three communities. Currently it is ranked 1st at and the only one among the top ten which is non-systemd. It loves to be a lightweight system where Xfce is the flagship edition aside from KDE and Fluxbox. It follows Debian LTS for its planned four years support lifespan. The 19.2 is called Patito Feo - a modern operating system with support for thirty-two-bit computers so you can revive your legacy PCs and laptops with latest software possible. It is also very good idea to replace Windows Seven with MX!

Get Computers with Ubuntu and MX!

Good news once again nowadays there are many vendors sell computers with GNU/Linux operating systems. We can actually purchase PCs or laptops with Ubuntu or MX right now. Among vendors which offer both is Star Labs, vendor which offer specifically Ubuntu are Dell and System76 from the US plus Entroware and LaptopWithLinux from Europe and finally Lenovo from Asia.

(Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu Focal Fossa preloaded being featured news on official Ubuntu website)

(Star Labs LabTop MK IV with MX Patito Feo preloaded being featured proudly on this European vendor website)

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