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Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 22:55

MX is the currently the first rank operating system on topping even Ubuntu and Mint. However, it is not supported by GLIM multiboot maker. There is a custom way to make MX works with your multiboot flash drive as explained below. This tutorial is a continuation to my previous multibooting the series. Happy working!

(MX 19.2 Patito Feo operating system works lively from a multiboot usb)
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Get MX GNU/Linux

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Create a new text file named above in your GLIM's multiboot flash drive in the boot/grub/ directory.
for isofile in $isopath/mx/MX-*.iso; do
  if [ ! -e "$isofile" ]; then break; fi
  regexp \
    --set 1:isoname \
    --set 2:version \
    --set 3:variant \
    --set 4:arch \
    "^${isopath}/mx/(MX-([^-]+)-([^-]+)-([^-]+)\.iso)\$" "${isofile}"
  menuentry "MX GNU ${version} ${arch} ${variant}" "${isofile}" "${isoname}" --class mx {
    set isofile=$2
    set isoname=$3
    echo "Using ${isoname}..."
    loopback loop $isofile
    linux (loop)/antiX/vmlinuz from=all load=all fromiso=$isofile
    initrd (loop)/antiX/initrd.gz 


Edit the file named above from within boot/grub/ directory so it contains eight lines of code below. See summary picture next section to see the placement.
for isofile in ${isopath}/mx/MX-*.iso; do
  if [ -e "$isofile" ]; then
    menuentry "MX GNU >" --class mx {
      configfile "${prefix}/inc-mx.cfg"


Put this thirty two pixel mx.png logo in boot/grub/themes/invader/icons/ directory in your multiboot flash drive. See summary picture to see the placement.


Here's a summary. You see how to place the two text files and the code within that text files and also where to put the mx.png.


Now go boot up your computer with your flash drive. On my system, my multiboot flash drive successfully works with MX like this. Enjoy!

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