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Monday, August 31, 2020 at 14:14

I am happy to see LibreOffice 7.0 shipping as Snap in late August. This means now millions of computer users using Ubuntu and other distros can install LibreOffice Seven from Snap Store in one standard way. If you have installed it before, you can upgrade it right now. For you didn't know, Snap Store is like Play Store in Android and App Store in iOS that is one central way for users to get apps.

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LibreOffice As Snap

As per 25 August 2020 LibreOffice version seven point zero can be installed by users of these operating systems pictured below by one standard way.  This means Red Hat users, Manjaro users, openSUSE users, and others can install LibreOffice Seven straight from Snap Store.

How To Install LibreOffice from Snap Store

Using Ubuntu Software:
  • Run Ubuntu Software. 
  • Find LibreOffice. 
  • See Channel option on top.
  • Change the option to version 7 not 6.
  • Click Install button. 
  • Downloading.
  • Finished. 
  • Find LibreOffice 7 on your start menu.

Using Terminal:
  • Run command[1] to check LibreOffice versions.
  • Make sure you see version 7 on either latest/candidate or latest/stable so you will use it.
  • Run command[2] to install version 7.
  • Downloading.
  • Finished. 
  • Find LibreOffice 7 on your start menu.
$ snap info libreoffice

$ snap install libreoffice --channel=latest/candidate # if 7 is on candidate
$ snap install libreoffice --channel=latest/stable # if 7 is on stable

Late Behind Flatpak

Flatpak in fact predates Snap in offering this latest LibreOffice. GNU/Linux users can already get LibreOffice 7 from Flatpak Store few weeks before LibreOffice 7 available from Snap Store.

About LibreOffice

LibreOffice (previously is a professional office suite program that is Free Libre Open Source Software. It is a very good alternative to Microsoft Office but better than the rival, LibreOffice is free and available for everyone. It supports all major operating systems namely Apple macOS, GNU/Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It works with world class standard Open Document Format as well as compatible to Microsoft document formats.

About Snap

Snap is a technology to unify different GNU/Linux distros so the users install software with one standard way. The app store is centralized at and the package file format is .snap -- it follows the simplicity of Android with Play Store and iOS with their App Store. Snap firstly introduced on Ubuntu operating system as it is originally developed by Canonical. With Snap, now installing apps on GNU platform is easy and safely separated from the operating system. For app developer, Snap is a promising software delivery platform already used by big projects like LibreOffice and KDE.

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