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KOrganizer is a colorful and useful calendar application for computer. For years, it helps me schedule my works, teaching, and personal life and also reminds me for important appointments so I won't forget any task I should do. It works offline and can also work with online calendar services you have. After I wrote many articles about it before, now I want to sum them up in a simple yet thorough overview of this awesome tool. Thanks to all KOrganizer developers I could reach up to this point with it. Let me share with you, it is fun! I believe you will also love scheduling after reading this. Happy scheduling!

(This video is titled KOrganizer Introduction and you can also watch it on PeerTube) 

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  • Getting started
  • Full calendar
  • Particular calendar
  • Agenda view
  • Reminder
  • Desktop integration
  • Print out
(This is Korganizer with full window view and its About dialog showing)

Where do I get KOrganizer?

The easiest way is to use Kubuntu operating system on your computer as it includes KOrganizer by default. Alternatively, if you already use GNU operating system like Ubuntu but do not find KOrganizer on your desktop, you can install it by looking for korganizer name in your software center. Once you got KOrganizer you can exercise this overview.

1. Beginning

Running KOrganizer for the first time gives you empty calendar like this one. What you need to learn is divided into three things: learn to create color categories, calendars, and a schedule. Create every schedule under a specific calendar and a specific color category. Be patient in doing that and don't hesitate to repeat things if you need. The result will be like what you saw on the video and the screenshots next sections.

(A basic KOrganizer look: in a May 2020)

2. Full Calendar

This is my full schedules for May 2020. You see, it is colorful with orange, blue, yellow, pink, and green schedules that have meanings to myself. You can make it too! Learn to make schedules and the colors here.

(KOrganizer displaying thirty days schedules in Month View with left panel & top menubar hidden)

3. Particular Calendar

The power of KOrganizer is that you can display specific schedules either only for work, or only for personal, or only for teaching, and other categories, instead of displaying whole things at once. To do that, you can make several calendars (like pictures below) by first making a new calendar and later create schedule under that calendar name and other schedule under other calendar name too. Below are same KOrganizer as before but displayed particularly according to different calendars green, blue, and orange (personal, teaching, and working). See also the switching between them on the video. Learn to make these here.

(Personal calendar, with other ones hidden)

(Teaching calendar, with other ones hidden)

(Working calendar, with other ones hidden)

4. Agenda View

This is the 24-hours, more detailed version of same calendar above, but display only one week. This is featured on the video.

(KOrganizer displaying its Agenda View of the same calendar above)

5. Reminder

It is automatic! By default all schedules got no reminder except the ones you chose. When you work and the time is near, a reminder will pop up on screen so you won't miss your event. Picture below displays my reminder "to write an article" 15 minutes before due time. Notice that I can choose to suspend it for 10 minutes or dismiss it instead. Learn to make one here.

(KOrganizer will buzz you so you won't forget any appointment)

6. Integration with Desktop Clock

All your schedules can be synchronized with digital clock on system tray like picture below. Dates with schedule displayed with a blue triangle sign; and if clicked it shows schedules for that date. It is amazing, although it is not too surprising as in KDE everything is integrated and in fact no other desktop could surpass it up to today.

(Click your clock and then click the pin logo on top right corner to display this integrated calendar)

7. Print Out

You can print preview and print out your schedules beautifully. It features detailed options such as choosing more than one month view, landscape/portrait, include description, limit every event as single line, etc.

(Print preview of my May 2020 schedules with colorful events and landscape orientation)

(Print outs of KOrganizer schedules I pasted on my whiteboard in my home)

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