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Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 14:35

This article explains how to setup KOrganizer for Google Calendar. Actually, KOrganizer already provides a Google Calendar preset so you just need to login and no need to obtain certain URL address. It's applicable to Kubuntu, KDE Neon, Mint KDE, openSUSE, or another GNU/Linux distro with KOrganizer. I'm using KOrganizer 5.4.1 for this setup and I hope it's easy for you as well.
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1. Add New Calendar

Start KOrganizer > right-click on calendar panel > Add Calendar.

2. Choose Google Calendar

From the Add Calendar dialog, choose Google Calendar.

3. Login

A login dialog to Google will appear. Enter your email account and password.

Then, Google asks you whether you allow KDE/KOrganizer to access your online calendar or not. Press Allow.

4. Change The Options

Once allowed, KOrganizer shows you options for this calendar. You can change interval delay, choose what calendars to enable, and starting point time to sync. Press OK.

5. Let KOrganizer Syncs Them All

Wait a second and KOrganizer will download your online calendar. The calendar downloaded is also available while you're offline. Be happy with KOrganizer!