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Senior author, Open Source enthusiast.
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 21:50

This tutorial guides you to setup KOrganizer for online CalDAV service (Google Calendar alternative). I write this for KDE users on Kubuntu, Mint, Neon, openSUSE, and another GNU/Linux distros especially the beginners. I am a new user of Fruux service and I want to share my joy with you all. I hope this helps.

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1. Login to Fruux Web

Start your web browser and login into your account on Go to Sync > +Sync with a new device.

2. Get URL Address

Give a name to your new device > press Next button > select Other clients (CalDAV) from platforms selection.

3. Add CalDAV Calendar

Now start your KOrganizer > see calendar list panel > right-click > Add Calendar > choose DAV groupware resource. By this you'll see a dialog

4. Enter Fruux URL

Back to your web browser, you should see specific username & password & URL for your newly created device. This is not your credentials, but just your specific account for your device to access calendar.

  1. Enter username & password. 
  2. Press "Add" button to add calendar URL address.
  3. Enter URL address of calendar. See "Principal URL" from your Fruux web.
  4. Press "Fetch" to see what calendars available from your account. 
  5. Press "OK".

5. Sync

Once configured, KOrganizer will connect to your account, download your calendar, and display the calendar for you. You can view calendar offline, edit and add them, then KOrganizer will automatically sync them when online. Enjoy it!