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Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 14:24

(KOrganizer on desktop synchronized with my colorful Framagenda online calendar)

Framagenda ( is a gratis calendar online service comparable to Google Calendar and Fruux. Framagenda is a free software-based service by the famous Framasoft organization that is hosted using Nextcloud. In this tutorial I will show you how to synchronize your Framagenda account with KOrganizer desktop calendar on GNU/Linux. The result is so you can work everywhere with calendar both in desktop and web (including mobile) and you can share your online calendar to be seen by friends. Okay, let's go!

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Create Framagenda Account

Go to and sign up for a new account at no cost. I signed up using my ProtonMail email with username gnumax. This username will be part of my calendar URL.


Login to and copy the CalDAV URL.



(1) Run KOrganizer and create new CalDAV calendar by right-clicking on bottom-left panel > Add Calendar > choose DAV groupware resource > OK.

(2) Simply insert your username and password here:

(3) Select Configure the resource manualy and finish:

(4) Then an empty dialog titled DAV groupware resource will appear and here click Add button to show the second dialog.


(1) On the second dialog titled DAV groupware dialog <2>, enter your CalDAV URL, your username, and password, and then click Fetch button. Correct login will show you a new entry below Display Name column. Notice that the URL includes my username, gnumax, as part of it.

(2) When you pressed OK, you will see new dialog asking for a new calendar name. Give it name Framagenda like my example below. Finally, click OK, and at this point your KOrganizer should synchronized with Framagenda. 


Now every time you create a new schedule on Korganizer that schedule will automatically appear on Framagenda web and vice versa. See picture below, all my schedules on KOrganizer are integrated with my Framagenda Calendar (on browser). If you managed to reach this point, then congratulations, you got a new nice calendar integration.

On KOrganizer side, you should see a new folder named Framagenda with at least one calendar named Personal. You can add more calendars with each own color if you wish, both in KOrganizer and in Framagenda web interface. Perhaps it will be one among other calendars you have as my example below showing my another calendar, Fruux, I had since years ago.  

Share Public Calendar

You can share a Framagenda Calendar you have to be read-only by public on the internet. To do so, click Share button on a calendar > click Link button > you see a URL > copy that URL > give that to your friend. To test it, simply open that URL with incognito mode on your browser. Example below showing my calendar seen read-only by other people.

Public URL you could see:


Happy working!

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