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Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 17:08

Continuing Writer #1 Master Method, now we are trying a different method to merge multiple documents with menubar Insert. This method is done one by one so it is suitable for an author who prefers everything done manually. You will learn by examples you can download freely once again and final result is a ODT with 300 pages long you can export easily into a PDF. Let's go and happy learning!

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  • 1. Preparation
  • 2. Start Writer
  • 3. Open First Document
  • 4. Insert 2nd Document
  • 5. Insert 3rd and Next Documents
  • 6. Rearrange
  • 7. Save
  • 8. Final Result
  • 9. Export as PDF

1. Preparation

Just like previous tutorial, we prepare once again 10 documents, but this time we use number 11-20. You can download all example files here

Total size of 10 documents is 7MB. This means the merged document later will not go beyond this size.

2. Start Writer

Run your LibreOffice Writer.

3. Open First Document

First document here is the document number 11 from the example above. This document is 51 pages long.
  • Open first document, here it is number 11.
  • Save as new name merged-document.odt.
  • Total page number is now 51.

4. Insert Second Document

  • Put cursor at the end of text.
  • Ctrl+Enter.
  • A new blank page created. 
  • Go to menubar Insert > Text From File.
  • A file chooser dialog appears.
  • Select next file, here is number 12, and open.
  • Total page number is now 89 as this second one is 32 pages long.

5. Insert Third and Next Documents

  • Put cursor at the end of text.
  • Ctrl+Enter.
  • A new blank page created. 
  • Go to menubar Insert > Text From File.
  • A file chooser dialog appears. 
  • Select next file, here is number 13, and open. 
  • Total page number is now 126 as the third one is 42 pages long. 
  • Repeat these steps for next files number 14 until number 20.
  • Now you have 10 different documents merged in one.
  • Total page number for whole merged document is 385.

6. Rearrange

My example documents above does not have headings so you don't see titles on Navigator dialog. To make every section (chapter) visible, give every title a Heading 1, and you can see your merged document is now quick to navigate.

To rearrange chapters. it is not as easy as the previous method. The simplest method I can explain is by manually blocking text starting from the chapter's title to the last line of that chapter > Cut (Ctrl+X) > paste into another place in document. This is heavy and tiresome. To make it easier, there are 3 things: first disable pictures by menubar View > uncheck Images & Charts and second use zoomed multiple-page-view and third use Shift+Click on end when cursor is still on beginning to select a chapter.

7. Save


8. Final Result

Merged document in this examples is 397 pages long consisted of 10 different documents arranged in numeric order from 11 to 20. Your resulting document should be similar to this example. The file size is 7MB.

9. Export as PDF

Click menubar File > Export as PDF > Export > your document saved as PDF. This example produces a 7MB PDF file with 397 pages long and outlines (headings) we can navigate easily like picture below.

Happy writing!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.