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Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 22:35

Nordic is currently ranked #10 most popular GTK3 theme on This article exposes this theme beauty and explains how to install every component on Ubuntu 18.04. You can practice the installation procedures on other distros as long as it uses GNOME 3 as the user interface. Enjoy!

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About Nordic Theme

Nordic is a theme created by Eliver Lara based on Nord color palette. Being GTK3, it's compatible with distros using GNOME, MATE, and XFCE. This article will show Nordic on Bionic and how to install it.

(Nordic on

About Nord Color Theme

Nordic is based on Nord color palette, the 15 arctic, north-bluish colors available freely at GitHub. This color palette is usable with free software image editors like GIMP, Inkscape, and Krita. It is licensed under free, non-copylefted MIT license.

(A screenshot of a part of Nord website)

(GIMP and Inkscape using the same Nord color pallete)


This is how Nordic GTK3 theme appears on Ubuntu Bionic Beaver. It includes not only the toolkit theme, but also the Shell theme so we can cover all buttons and workspace appearances.

(A standard Bionic desktop with Nordic GTK3 and Shell themes enabled)

(A normal window with Nordic theme)

How to install

There are several packages of Nordic theme you can download from at Files section. What you need to download are basically only two:
  • Nordic.tar.gz
  • Nordic-Folders.tar.xz

(Download page)

Install content of Nordic.tar.xz to ~/.themes. Install content of Nordic-Folders.tar.xz to ~/.icons. Simply create both directories if they didn't exist.

(File manager showing installed themes on ~/.themes and ~/.icons)

Finally, to enable it, use GNOME Tweaks. What you need to switch are:
  • Applications: Nordic
  • Icons: Nordic Folder
  • Shell: Nordic
 See illustration below. 


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.